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Jamaica's Secret Treasures

Cane River in St. Thomas, one of Jamaica's secret treasures.
It is also said to have been one of Bob Marley's hideaways.

Despite the problems being experienced in Jamaica no one can dispute the fact that Jamaica is one of the most beautiful places on Gods earth. Unfortunately most of us don’t get the time to explore and appreciate what we have as we should. It is usually when we have relatives or friends visiting that we get out a bit.
That’s a pity, for we have so many ‘treasure spots’ here in Jamaica. There are the very popular spots such as Dunns River Falls, Green Grotto caves, Boston Jerk center, Chukka Cove, Black River Safari, Jakes Treasure beach to name a few.

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Miss Jamaica World 2005 - Terri-Karell Griffith

Over the years the Miss Jamaica World competition has been a source of controversy. One of the greatest contentions is that no matter how beautiful and/or intelligent the black girls are the ‘brownings’ are always chosen.
Well this year 2005, a natural black Jamaican won. Terri-Karell Griffith. I must admit I had not been following the competition before however I was most impressed with Miss Griffith at the coronation show on Saturday, September 10 at the Jamaica Pegasus.
Terri-Karell is beautiful, intelligent, confident, talented and she exudes personality. She was chosen for the Gleaner’s most aware award. During the questions and answer segment of the competition she was confident and fluent. A trained dancer Terri also won the sectional prize for talent. To top it off, she was voted most congenial by 13 of the 15 contestants.
A student of the Central University in Las Villas, Cuba the 23 year old is studying veterinary medicine. She speaks French and Spanish fluently.
It’s a given, you can never please all the people all the time. However, I do believe many Jamaicans who saw the coronation show or who have been following the competition will agree that the right girl won.
Nuff Love.


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People Power

Recently, the rising cost of gasoline has been a major cause for concern to every Jamaican. It would appear that the pricing process goes through several additions before the final price reaches the consumer. First the refineries purchases crude oil from overseas processes it then sells to the marketing companies such as Shell, Petcom, Texaco, Total and Esso. These marketers then add their mark up which if rumors are to be believed can range up to 30 percent. The gas is then sold to the dealers who also add their markup before the final price is set.

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Can the JLP lead this country to economic Prosperity?

Post contributed by: Courtney Kenlock

The JLP seems to think that Jamaica is the same Jamaica that they led some 20 years ago. There are a number of changes in the world such as globalization which none of the political parties seem prepared for. The PNP in power for 16 years seems to be grappling with a number of issues which have been before them for a number of years and they are unable to deal with it.

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What Happens Next

Reactions to the JLP lead demonstrations help on Tuesday September 6, 2005 across Jamaica have been varied. There as been expressions of anger, frustration and just plain ‘fedup’.
People have expressed great anger at the JLP administration, anger at the illiterate Jamaicans whose only mission was to destroy and disrupt. Anger at the untimely ness of the protest as the country hosted the Petro Caribe Summit being held in Montego Bay.
Some people have expressed frustration at the situation here in our country and the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Irrespective of their party affiliation everyone is feeling the crunch. Yes as a people we need to express our dissatisfaction and voice our opinions; however a protest is not the answer.

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Life after CXC

So your teenager didn’t do well in his/her Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examinations. You’re upset for you know they could have done better but just played the fool and wasted time and money. You don’t business with them anymore, they’re on their own. ‘Since dem is man or woman, dem can go look work’.
Once upon a time there weren’t many options for those who didn’t do well in their school leaving exams. Back then it was the GCE. You either had to learn a trade or repeat fifth form. No one wanted to go back to fifth form as there was a lot of stigma attached. The other students would treat you as a dunce and even the teachers would single out ‘those repeaters’ for ridicule.

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PJ's Legacy

Post contributed by: Courtney Kenlock

The Present PNP Administration needs to listen to the people so as not to have civil disorder in the country. I am here looking at this government mismanagement of the country. Resources have been wasted; persons who are genetically linked have been beneficiary to scarce benefits and political spoils. PJ Patterson has been an absolute failure and in any other civilized country had he been leader he would already have to resign.

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JLP Protest Photos

Demonstrators at Duke and North Streets in downtown Kingston
Police keeping their presence after clearing intersection at Duke and North Streets in downtown Kingston.

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Stupid People

Ok, maybe the title of my post has been harsh, but its what is running through my head at the moment. I am utterly frustrated. Frustrated with what? with the stupidity that seems to reign about our country today. I always used to say to myself that I'd never leave Jamaica... Jamaica is the best... Jamaica is blessed. But no I think i would have to withdraw. The events of today have led me to realize that there will possibly be no end to this during the current or my generation or even the next generation.
Before I start to ramble on about things I will state why I say stupid people... I will try to keep this free of the numerous expletives running through my mind.

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War going on during the JLP's demonstration day

These are pictures of an armored vehicle on Mountain View Avenue that came on the scene after a man was fatally shot this afternoon.

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