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Life after CXC


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Life after CXC

So your teenager didn’t do well in his/her Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examinations. You’re upset for you know they could have done better but just played the fool and wasted time and money. You don’t business with them anymore, they’re on their own. ‘Since dem is man or woman, dem can go look work’.
Once upon a time there weren’t many options for those who didn’t do well in their school leaving exams. Back then it was the GCE. You either had to learn a trade or repeat fifth form. No one wanted to go back to fifth form as there was a lot of stigma attached. The other students would treat you as a dunce and even the teachers would single out ‘those repeaters’ for ridicule.

Follow up:

Today there are quite a number of institutions which cater for just such students. What is more interesting is that the results from these institutions are quite high. It would seem that many of the youngers actually do very well the second time around.
During the years between 15 and 17 many teenagers tend to be very irresponsible. They know everything; no body understands them especially their parents. The full implications of the school leaving exams are lost on them.
It is only when they realize that they can’t seem to go forward without these passes that some actually ‘buckle down’ and get serious. Some that have to repeat fifth form makes it but some are made to feel so ashamed that they go from bad to worse. These institutions seem to foster an atmosphere that allows the students (if they have a mind) to get serious.
There was a time when employers would hire someone, start them at the bottom, train them and allow them to grow in the company based on hard work and experience. That concept seems to be a thing of the past. Being qualified by experience is no longer being recognized. Even to become a janitor now you need to have a degree.
So parents, I know it’s hard and very expensive but you know your children. For their sakes don’t give up on them. Your response to their failure can make all the difference to their future.
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