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Miss Jamaica World 2005 - Terri-Karell Griffith


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Miss Jamaica World 2005 - Terri-Karell Griffith

Over the years the Miss Jamaica World competition has been a source of controversy. One of the greatest contentions is that no matter how beautiful and/or intelligent the black girls are the ‘brownings’ are always chosen.
Well this year 2005, a natural black Jamaican won. Terri-Karell Griffith. I must admit I had not been following the competition before however I was most impressed with Miss Griffith at the coronation show on Saturday, September 10 at the Jamaica Pegasus.
Terri-Karell is beautiful, intelligent, confident, talented and she exudes personality. She was chosen for the Gleaner’s most aware award. During the questions and answer segment of the competition she was confident and fluent. A trained dancer Terri also won the sectional prize for talent. To top it off, she was voted most congenial by 13 of the 15 contestants.
A student of the Central University in Las Villas, Cuba the 23 year old is studying veterinary medicine. She speaks French and Spanish fluently.
It’s a given, you can never please all the people all the time. However, I do believe many Jamaicans who saw the coronation show or who have been following the competition will agree that the right girl won.
Nuff Love.

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