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Completeness in the ‘Next Generation’


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Completeness in the ‘Next Generation’

When the SportsMax Centre went dark, and a very futurisitc looking Donovon White was projected onto a giant wall and on all the screens inside the World Cup football hotspot, the crowd went silent. What was Digicel up to? White, who is Digicel’s head of marketing, through a Matrix-like video presentation was announcing and reaffirming the telecommunications company’s 10-year partnership with the greatest reggae show on earth at the Reggae Sumfest launch, Friday last. Introduced by D’Angel, the video presentation spelled out what the relationship between Digicel and Reggae Sumfest meant to the company with sharp graphics and exciting effects.

The audience was captivated, and excited when White announced the 2010 Digicel Reggae Sumfest theme, ‘The Next Generation’, its spokespersons Agent Sasco and I-Octane, and a partnership with mobile phone manufactuerers Motorola.

Cue smoke, and enter unconventionally dressed dancers and then performances by the two faces of The Next Generation Campaign and with that, the initiative was successfully launched. Looking at the ‘next generation’, its not difficult to see what Digicel’s mission is: to support the future... of everything.

On the music side, the rebranded and versatile dancehall act Agent Sasco and budding reggae star I-Octane stand tall. With technology, the company stands quietly testing 4G for an August launch and will very soon become the first in the region to offer the Motorola Milestone smartphone.

Jeffery Campbell isn’t your run-of-the-mill dancehall act. Always re-inventing himself, he offically became Agent Sasco in May 2009 after an illustrious run in the business as ‘Assassin’. Lyrically lethal, Agent Sasco’s music burns with a fire needed for dancehall music to strive in a challenging musical environment. His string of hits go way back from Nah Nuh Gyal, Eediat Ting Dat and Gully Sit’n to the more recent Same Ting Again, Hand To Mout and Hand Inna Di Air, and in an evironment currently under the unforgiving eye of a critical Jamaican audience, Agent Sasco is yet to fail at bowling us over and is positioned to continue taking dancehall music to higher heights.

I-Octane is a breath of fresh air in our music. With a powerful voice and a creative spirit, the young man – who hails from Clarendon – enchants ears and attracts fans all over the world. Born Byiome Muir, he has been climbing steadily up the musical ladder, scoring chart-topping hits and performing all over the world. His catalaugue of popular tunes start out with Stab Vampire and now include Different Page, Mama You Alone, Missing You, and Lose A Friend and he gives every indication that the future of reggae music is bright as he continues to rack up studio hours. Not to mention the 18-city European tour he he has lined up, a follow up to his 2009 European debut where he performed to a crowd of 35,000 persons in Holland – and yes, the crowd sang each song lyric for lyric.

Digicel is however going a step further, and including the future of technology in their bid to push ‘The Next Generation’, with their partners Motorola. Together, they will soon launch the first Motorola Milestone in the region, along with two other technologically advanced handesets from the phone company.

Remember those flashy outfits the dancers wore? Designed by the one and only Dexter ‘3D’ Pottinger, who is known in the fashion world for his edgy, barrier-breaking, eye-opening futurisitc designs and idea. The former model has worked with the likes of CeCile, Tifa, Tami Chynn, Macka Diamond, Mystic Davis and more. He’s also a full-blown creative powerhouse with video directing and photography.

Last week, Shelly-Ann Curran, Senior Sponsorship Manager at Digicel said that “Our line up of activities this year has led us to forge some fantastic partnerships that will ensure that our customers continue to benefit from superior value and amazing offers. We have also joined with Motorola, again to continue wowing our customers with the latest innovation in mobile technology and we will be announcing these details very soon. It’s going to be a great summer for Digicel and our customers and we’re looking forward to it”.

As the summer rolls on, the completeness of ‘The Next Generation’ is expected to slam Jamaicans with the ‘wow’, always expected of Digicel.

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