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Read an interesting Article re: the US's Involvement in Dudus


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Read an interesting Article re: the US's Involvement in Dudus

Now I am not somebody to take things at face value, it just doesnt work for me. Personally whenever I'm reading anything I like to see alot of sources and alot of footnotes (that's why I link to so many websites in my articles). Half of my reason for this is that I trick myself into believing that anybody brave enough to cite some source must have done some research, for fear of being ridiculed. Of course this isn't always the case but at least the majority of the time this is true. However the fact remains I love to see things well researched. My friend sent me an article with absolutely no footnotes whatsoever, but I cant help but take the article very seriously. why? Because the facts surrounding the article are pretty much true and the motives which were written about certainly make sense. The article I am referring to is this one: Dudus, it's not about cocaine, its about oil. The article lists no author so I will just have to give credit to

The article starts by asking a question that has also been on my mind for quite some time and that question is, why is it that despite the fact that dudus is no recent phenomenon, and has been a problem for a number of years. What is it about November 2009 that made it pertinent for the US to suddenly require that Jamaica extradite Dudus for trial. Of course the first argument that one could think of is that maybe the US needed to collect enough evidence to build a case against dudus first, or maybe he just didnt commit a crime heinous enough for the US to care about his presence. I would of course counter this argument with the fact that the US's own statement implies that they have been watching him for a long time and for a country that has so many satellites up that they have collected evidence which leads even the regular news outlets to have information leading them to state that our PM is a "known criminal affiliate" of dudus. Apparently this they know from intercepted phone calls. So of course evidence collection was not a problem fo rthe US. So why now?

The article goes on to state that it is a well known fact that any attempt to capture dudus would be met by resistance equalling to nothing less than a civil war, so therefore one thing can be deduced and that is that, the US wanted to create this chaos and confusion... But why? The simple answer is oil. Oil is a surefire way to get rich (see every oil producing country there is), and it is something that oil hungry nations like the the US need control to ensure their continued success. Of course the next statement/question is "But Skillachi nobody has ever found oil in Jamaica nor evidence of oil". That statement is very true, nobody has found oil... at standard oil digging levels. I say at standard oil digging levels because normally most oil companies rarely dig below say 10,000 feet (20,000 feet has been more or less the upper limit) in search of oil. As a matter of fact the average depth is approximately 5,000 feet, this is because it has not been feasible to dig below that level. However as technology has improved it is becoming more feasible to dig deeper and deeper. Dont beleive me? How deep do you think BP was digging when the pipe exploded in the gulf of mexico? 30,000 feet.

Now with regards to there actually being oil in Jamaica. First we have to look on the fact that  there has been a major oil find in Cuba, a country that is just roughly 70 miles north of Jamaica (or well specifically montego bay). How major? An estimated 20 billion barrels worth of oil.... so much oil that Russia, Spain, Norway, Venezuela and Brazil are all lining up to start digging (see BBC article, by clicking "major oil find"). Of course they will have to dig deep though... literally, its estimated they have to go at least 25,000 feet before they find anything but once they do find something you can guarantee they will be smiling all the way to the bank. As far as Jamaica goes one may remember around march this year our energy minister was running around in the US and in Britain selling prospects to Jamaica's oil wealth stating the high possibility it exists based on geological surveys.

oil blocks for sale**Taken from

Even the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica has information about these projects and prospects on its website showing the high possibility that there exists oil. If there is oil then the US wants it of course because they are the most energy hungry country in the world.

So back on the original topic now, how is a Jamaica "civil war" good for the US? It gives them an opportunity to send their military in and occupy Jamaica. A US occupation of Jamaica means they will probably have control over a good enough section of Jamaica to freely do as they please and dig as they please. Just look at what they are doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. It would also partially explain why there are US army vehicles and vessels in Jamaica right now, and also explain why the US has a strong military presence in Haiti which is also not that far off from Cuba. The US also is already holding us by the balls with our recent signing of a deal with the IMF, which as we know from our previous experience with the IMF, screws us over properly.

Did I just blow your mind? Well reading the article blew my mind because suddenly alot of things made sense, and also alot of things came to light. Such as the fact that our current government probably has a hand in this deal as well, after all why would they sign a deal with the IMF again all of a sudden? We already have bad history with them (the IMF), but suddenly we go back to sign with them, giving the US another way to blackmail us if they need access to our natural resources. After all we have heard of cases where the JLP works with the US against Jamaica (see 1970's Jamaica).

I state all of this because I love my country too much to ignore it. This oil if found is Jamaica's way out of debt, and a way for us to build a strong economy and possibly make our way to actually being recognized as a first world country. We would also have a way to re-invest in Jamaica and hopefully buy back all the things we have already sold to other countries such as trinidad (Carib cement, Caribsteel, Air Jamaica, Bauxite etc), the possibilities of having the oil are endless. We cannot have our resource being controlled by some country without getting our necessary royalties from it. Look what happened with our bauxite, where we made nothing from it.

Have I possibly opened up a whole can of worms... I think so. But I would also implore you all to read the article on Negril stories, I have spoken on alot that the article discusses but I haven't touched on all the things that the original article has. If this situation does begin to play out though, maybe we need to take a look back on keeping what's ours ours.

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