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Can the JLP lead this country to economic Prosperity?


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Can the JLP lead this country to economic Prosperity?

Post contributed by: Courtney Kenlock

The JLP seems to think that Jamaica is the same Jamaica that they led some 20 years ago. There are a number of changes in the world such as globalization which none of the political parties seem prepared for. The PNP in power for 16 years seems to be grappling with a number of issues which have been before them for a number of years and they are unable to deal with it.

Follow up:

The PNP liberalized the economy while protectionism remained in developed countries like the USA. The preferential treatment for traditional goods such as sugar and banana were known to be on the agenda to be removed for the last 20 years. The PNP is now complaining about the WTO plan to remove protectionism from our export crops which they knew would be removed and they have made no provision or put in place any contingency plan. The economy in now in chaos and anarchy need to be rectified immediately less we become a poor nation such as Haiti where people are running away daily for a better standard of living.

The new phenomenon of globalization which is inevitable was signed by the PNP government without doing the necessary study on the negative impact it will have on a developing economy such as Jamaica. At present globalization only profit a few countries which are able to compete efficiently on the world stage in labor, education and using some subtle means of trade barriers to allow goods from other countries not to penetrate their markets. Trade barriers such sanitary and phytosanitary equivalency has been used by some countries such as USA.

World sugar production cost has fallen since the 1980’s while Jamaica has not done enough to be competitive in the global economy. We should have studied countries such as Brazil, Australia and India to see how they have made the transition in their production process. Our education system, even though we have come afar way from what it was in slavery, has still not been able to match other countries which are advanced significantly.

Can the JLP provide quality education for our people to make that transition from a labour intensive economy to one of knowledge base? Can the JLP provide world class health care so that our people don’t have to fly to Miami for treatment that is those who can afford to, those who cannot afford it will die? Can the JLP dismantle garrisons and bring crime under control for development to take place.

Garrisons were created by these politicians who are trying to come to terms with the crime wave in these same communities, which is wreaking havoc on the society.
The JLP from observation made have done enough research in what is happening locally much less globally to have deep insight into the more complex problem of running a world class economy which must be seen as business. They have allowed this present government to give away JPS to Mirant to extort money from the poor, the Old Harbour By-pass to French company and Portmore leg of high 2000.

All the scandals which wasted taxpayer’s money have not been sufficiently addressed by the JLP. All of this time they did no research into all these situations to ensure the people of this country did not get a raw deal neither did they do anything about it, but waiting to form a government not knowing how they are going to run it. It amazes me to see how the JLP want to manage without acquiring the requisite skill knowledge and attitude to run any modern business, our country is a business.

Can we learn from our Caribbean neighbors such as Barbados, Bahamas, and smaller Caribbean islands which have stable dollar and economy which have been growing over the last 20 years instead of shrinking? Can future JLP government provide the necessary leadership to take this country out the sink hole it now finds itself in because of poor political management since independence? There is lot of work for them to accomplish this feat and they have never provided this sort of leadership since 1989 when they became opposition.

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