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Category: Weekly Rap-Up

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Categories: Weekly Rap-Up

Weekly Rap-Up: November 20 - 26, 2005

Sunday November 20, 2005  In an effort to deal with the present crime rate in Jamaica the Government and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are examining ways to speed up the training process of new recruits. Usually the number of recruits in… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: November 13 - 19, 2005

Sunday November 13, 2005  The twenty seventh Tropical Depression of the season formed on Sunday in the southeast Caribbean. Should this system strengthens it will become Tropical Storm Gama, the third Roman alphabet. It is expected to be south o… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: November 06 - 12, 2005

Sunday November 06, 2005  A proposed new prison is to be built in St. Catherine to house 5,000 male and female prisoners. The maximum- security facility will house both sexes under one roof but in separate sectors of the complex. The prisoners w… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: October 30 - November 05, 2005

Sunday October 30,  Donovan ‘Bulbie’ Bennett, Jamaican’s most wanted and leader of the ‘Clansman’ gang in Spanish Town was shot and killed by security forces in a raid carried out in Rock River, Clarendon 5:00a.m. Sunday morning. Also killed wa… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: October 23 - 29, 2005

Sunday October 23, 2005  On Thursday night three men drove up to a Greenwich Town Bar on First Street, Newport West, pulled out guns and held up the patrons. They then wanted to know who owned a car parked outside the bar. One of the gunmen then… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: October 16 - 22, 2005

Sunday October 16, 2005 Rain, Rain and more rain has caused the cancellation of most outdoor activities planned to celebrate Heroes Weekend across Jamaica. However, Tempo’s combined Caribbean Rising II show braved the rains and gave patrons a treat at J… more »

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Reasons why I love my Jamaican Mom

1. My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait till we get home."

2. My Mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You going get a ass'n when we get home!"

3. My Mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE.
"What di backside yu thinkin'? Answer me when me talk to you...Don't talk back to me!"

4. My Mother taught me CONSEQUENCES.
"If yu run cross de road an' cyar lick yu dung, a goin' kill yu wid lick."

5. My Mother taught me THE VALUE OF EDUCATION.
"If yu no go a school, yu a go tun tief or walk an' pick up bottle."

6. My Mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If yu tun over yu eye lid an fly pitch pan it, it a go stay so fi evva."

7. My Mother taught me to THINK AHEAD.
"Is not one time monkey goin' wan' wife"

8. My Mother taught me ESP.
"Yu tink a don't know what yu up to nuh?"

9. My Mother taught me HUMOR.
"If yu don' eat food, breeze goin' blow yu 'way."

10. My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT.
"Come an' tek yu beatin' like man."

11. My Mother taught me about SEX.
"Yu tink say yu drop from sky?"

12. My Mother taught me about GENETICS.
"Yu jus' like yu faada."

13. My Mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Yu tink mi come from "Back A Wall?"

14. My Mother taught me about WISDOM OF AGE.
"When yu get to be as ol' as me, yu wi understan'."

15. And my all time favorite... JUSTICE.
"One day wen yu have pickney, a hope dem treat yu same way."


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