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Weekly Rap-Up: October 23 - 29, 2005


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Weekly Rap-Up: October 23 - 29, 2005

Sunday October 23, 2005
 On Thursday night three men drove up to a Greenwich Town Bar on First Street, Newport West, pulled out guns and held up the patrons. They then wanted to know who owned a car parked outside the bar. One of the gunmen then stabbed the car owner in the stomach and took his car keys. They then abducted three young women in there twenties and drove off. The women were taken to an area beyond the Tinson Pen Aerodrome where they were joined by other men and boys some as young as 10 years old. The gang of men proceeded to beat, rape and shoot the women then threw their bodies into the sewage main. Miraculously one of the women survived and lived to tell the horrific encounter. The man who was stabbed in the stomach is in hospital in critical condition.
 ‘To hang or not to hang’, that is the debate now on in Jamaica. The European Union (EU) urges Jamaica to abolish the death penalty immediately. The Government wants to initiate further discussions with the opposition to get a bi-partisan consensus on resuming hanging. Most of the Jamaican public feels it’s the only way to send a meaningful message to the criminals. There should be dire consequences to their actions.

Follow up:

Monday October 24, 2005
 Drivers are being asked by unauthorized persons to pay to drive through the Bog Walk Gorge although it is not safe. Major Landslides, six foot craters, large boulders and overflowing river part of the panorama.
 Man held at Airport in connection with women who were raped at Greenwich Town Bar. He was trying to use false documents to leave the island when he was held by the Police. According to the Police he is being questioned for the women who were gang raped, shot and thrown in a sewage main.
 Last night the police shot a man at a night club in Portmore. Reports are that the man pulled a knife at the police after they went to turn the music down. He had also slashed the Police tyre; he was pronounced dead at the Spanish Town Hospital

Tuesday October 25, 2005
 The Government announces plans to close two Government owned sugar plants, Long Pond and Bernard Lodge on a phased basis staring next year 2006. Approximately 4000 persons will be out of jobs.
 Effective November 01, 2005 Jamaicans visiting the Cayman Islands will need a visa. The effective date was postponed from last Thursday October 20, 2005 following a visit by the Prime Minister P.J Patterson to the Cayman Island. The Prime Minister says Jamaica could reciprocate. He also urged the authorities in Cayman to reconsider as associate members of Caricom.
 Cable and Wireless Jamaica (C&WJ) donated $1.2 million to the Crime Stop Programme. The funds will be used to pay for rewards for information leading to solved crimes. C&WJ plans to donate a percentage of the sales of bmobile products and services to help in the fight against crimes.

Wednesday October 26, 2005
 Recent rains are anticipated to cause shortage of food produce over the Christmas season. Six to eight week crops such as vegetables have been badly affected. Gungo peas and sorrel among affected crops.
 More rain for Western Jamaica. Once again Montego Bay, St. James, Falmouth, Trelawny, Hanover as well as Negril, Westmoreland are experiencing flooding and land slippages

Thursday October 27, 2005
 The All Island Cane Farmers Association vows to fight the Governments plans to close the Bernard Lodge and Long Pond sugar factories.
 Tornado makes landfall in Salt Marsh, Trelawny ripping roofs from several houses, flattening zinc fences, destroying crops and uprooting trees.
 Petrojam drops gas prices for the third consecutive week due to improved supply and Hurricane Wilma’s move away from the US oil facilities in the Gulf of Mexio. 87 and 90 gasolene fell by $4.10, diesel fell by $3.25 and Kerosene by $3.90.
 Cable and Wireless Jamaica (C&WJ) says damage to the overseas end of the international submarine transmission system caused by Hurricane Wilma has affected the internet services in Jamaica over the past few days. As a result customers have been experiencing slow responses or an inability to browse

Friday October 28, 2005
 Last night two trainee priests from Missionaries of the Poor founded by Father Richard Holung were shot and killed. They were both shot in the head and killed by a single bullet as they stood in the kitchen at the Corpus Christi premises at 3 North Street, downtown Kingston. Reportedly the bullet entered through the kitchen window. Police are investigating.

Saturday October 29, 2005
 Yesterday the Government signed a contract to acquire an Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS) at a cost of US1.93 million. The signing took place at the National Security Ministers office on Oxford Road; St. Andrew. The new ballistics machine can link bullets and spent shells recovered from crime scenes with crime committed in other places. About eighty percent of the crimes in Jamaica are by the gun. This new machine will greatly assist in the drive to fight crime in Jamaica.
 Mandatory youth service, will it help? The National Youth Service (NYS) thinks so and will be asking the nation to consider reintroducing mandatory youth service effective November, National Youth Month.
 Yesterday the Maximising Velocity and Power (MVP) Jamaica track club at the University of Technology (UTech) received a donation of $6 million from Michael Lee Chin chairman of the National Commercial Bank (NCB). The four year sponsorship is to help athletes prepare for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. Top members of the club include the world’s fastest man Asafa Powell, Michael Frater, Brigitte Foster- Hylton, Sherone Simpon and Tanya Lawrence.

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