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Category: Weekly Rap-Up

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The week beginning May 17th 2010

This week has been quite frankly the most exciting week we have seen for this entire year. Minus the fact that my Birthday fell in this week (sadly some events dampened my birthweek), it was truly one which brought alot of excitement to Jamaicans. I was… more »


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This weeks news wrap

There is one thing about Jamaica and its that there is almost always something to write about. What can I say we dont live in a society that can be in anyway regarded as boring, its all a matter of what interests you. Personally I have a wide array of in… more »


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Categories: Weekly Rap-Up

Weekly Rap-up February 05 – February 11, 2006

Sunday February 05, 2006  An appeal is being made by the Spanish Town Ministers Fraternal in St. Catherine for business operators who had fled the old capital because of violence to return. During last year many residents and business operators… more »


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Weekly Rap-up January 29 – February 04, 2006

Sunday January 29, 2006  The bauxite company, Alpart , last week presented seven students pursuing undergraduate studies at local tertiary institution with scholarships valued at $620,000. Each university level scholarship is worth $300,000.00 f… more »


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Weekly Rap-up January 23 – 28, 2006

Monday January 23, 2006  On Friday Dale Stavrose, of Violet Avenue, Kingston 6 was sentenced in the Half Way Tree Criminal Court to three years imprison on several counts of extortion. Stavrose who had attempted to extort cash from several busin… more »


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Categories: Weekly Rap-Up

Weekly Rap-up January 01 - 07, 2006

Sunday January 01, 2006 The Prime Minister of Jamaica, PJ Patterson and the Governor General Sir Howard Cooke both spoke of the high level of crime as the country's most troubling problem in their New Year messages to the nation. The Prime Minister says… more »


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Categories: Weekly Rap-Up

Weekly Rap-up December 18 - 23, 2005

Sunday December 18, 2005 Commanding Officer in charge of the St. Catherine North Police Division, Superintendent Kenneth Wade on Sunday said that there will be increased police presence in St. Catherine during Christmas. The heightened security presence… more »


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Categories: Weekly Rap-Up

Weekly Rap-up December 11-17, 2005

Sunday December 11, 2005 Miss Jamaica World 2005, Terri-Karelle Griffith made it to the semi finals in the Miss World 2005 Pageant on Saturday in Sanya, China. From a field of 101 contestants Terri was among the final top 15 chosen. The Miss World 2005… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: December 04 - 09, 2005

Sunday December 4, 2005  Over 50 families from Portland Cottage in Clarendon are to be relocated after losing their homes last year during Hurricane Ivan. The Office of National Reconstruction is presently building the new houses which should be… more »


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Weekly Rap-Up: November 27, 2005 - December 03, 2005

Sunday November 27, 2005  On Saturday a section of the main road in white Hall St. Mary leading to Islington collapsed cutting off vehicular traffic. Landslides triggered by the recent heavy rains caused the road surface to break in several sect… more »

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Reasons why I love my Jamaican Mom

1. My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait till we get home."

2. My Mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You going get a ass'n when we get home!"

3. My Mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE.
"What di backside yu thinkin'? Answer me when me talk to you...Don't talk back to me!"

4. My Mother taught me CONSEQUENCES.
"If yu run cross de road an' cyar lick yu dung, a goin' kill yu wid lick."

5. My Mother taught me THE VALUE OF EDUCATION.
"If yu no go a school, yu a go tun tief or walk an' pick up bottle."

6. My Mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If yu tun over yu eye lid an fly pitch pan it, it a go stay so fi evva."

7. My Mother taught me to THINK AHEAD.
"Is not one time monkey goin' wan' wife"

8. My Mother taught me ESP.
"Yu tink a don't know what yu up to nuh?"

9. My Mother taught me HUMOR.
"If yu don' eat food, breeze goin' blow yu 'way."

10. My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT.
"Come an' tek yu beatin' like man."

11. My Mother taught me about SEX.
"Yu tink say yu drop from sky?"

12. My Mother taught me about GENETICS.
"Yu jus' like yu faada."

13. My Mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Yu tink mi come from "Back A Wall?"

14. My Mother taught me about WISDOM OF AGE.
"When yu get to be as ol' as me, yu wi understan'."

15. And my all time favorite... JUSTICE.
"One day wen yu have pickney, a hope dem treat yu same way."


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