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Weekly Rap-Up: November 13 - 19, 2005


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Weekly Rap-Up: November 13 - 19, 2005

Sunday November 13, 2005
 The twenty seventh Tropical Depression of the season formed on Sunday in the southeast Caribbean. Should this system strengthens it will become Tropical Storm Gama, the third Roman alphabet. It is expected to be south of Jamaica by the weekend.

 On Saturday night two men, one armed with a gun attempted to hold up a bar in Falmouth, Trelawny. The one with the gun was challenged by a customer who managed to wrestle the gun away from him. The two would be robbers then fled. A point 2.2 pistol with its serial number erased was handed over to the police when they arrived on the scene.

 Thousands attended the funeral for the two slain members of the Missionaries of the Poor, Suresh Barwa and Marco Las Puna. The service of thanksgiving for their lives was held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in downtown Kingston at 10:00am Saturday morning. After the service a procession was led through the inner- city communities where the brothers worked caring for abandoned and mentally-challenged children, persons afflicted with AIDS and the elderly. The bodies were buried on the Missionaries of the Poor compound on North Street at a private burial. The parents of Marco arrived from the Philippines to attend their son’s funeral.

Follow up:

Monday November 14, 2005
 Jamaica won three of the top awards at the 12th Annual World Travel Awards in London, England on Sunday along with several individual prizes to some of the islands leading hotels. Jamaica received the coveted Leading Caribbean Airline Trophy, Leading Tourist and Conventions Bureau Trophy and Leading Caribbean Cruise Destination Award. Over 160,000 travel agencies in over 140 countries take part in the worlds most comprehensive travel awards each year. This year 2 million persons voted online for best travel destination, best airlines and best hotel out of 3500 nominee’s worldwide.

 On Monday morning a group of Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Mayors, Members of Parliament and Councilors led a delegation to Jamaica House to deliver a letter to the Prime Ministry P J Patterson demanding more money for local government. They were told by the police to desist as their action was in breach of the Law. When they insisted on preceding to Jamaica House the police used tear-gas to disperse the crowd.

 A section of the Mile Gully to Oxford main road in Manchester has flooded due to rising water. This has caused the road in the vicinity of Green Hill to be closed.

Tuesday November 15, 2005
 New Zealand on Tuesday emerged champions over Jamaica and Barbados at the Tri-Nation series held at the National Indoor Sports Centre in Kingston. After winning the opening match on Saturday against Barbados 51-36 the senior Jamaican netballers, the Sunshine Girls lost to the world champions New Zealand, the Silver Ferns on Sunday 57-39. New Zealand went on to demolish Barbados on Monday 77-21. On Tuesday the Silver Ferns continued their winning ways as they dominated the Sunshine Girls throughout the entire final match which ended 67-32.

 Minister of Commerce, Science and Technology Phillip Paulwell on Tuesday announced that secondary schools will each receive ten laptop computers under the Government’s E-learning Project. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture will receive a further $50 million to make it fully online in preparation for the project run by the specially created e-learning company. The Project is being founded by the universal service levy, the phone ‘cess’, for incoming calls terminated in Jamaica.

 Germaine Mason, Jamaica’s national high jump record holder and gold medalist of the Pan American Games has decided to switch allegiance and represent Great Britain. Mason who is ranked 49th by the International Associations of Athletics Federation (IAAF) says his decision is as a result of pressure from his parents. Mason is the second athlete to quit competing for Jamaica in the last two months. Brandon Simpson 400-metre hurdler decamped last month.

Wednesday November 16, 2005
 Between January 01, 2005 and November 10, 2005 a total of 1448 murders were committed in Jamaica. The majority of these killings has been blamed on gang wars and is concentrated in inner city communities. The St. Andrew South police have recorded 241 killings; St. Catherine North which covers Spanish Town is next with 204; St. James 120 and Kingston Eastern police division 115. Portland has the lowest figures with 8 persons killed so far. These figures represent a thirteen percent increase over the same time period last year.

 Petrojam announced a further reduction in gas prices as the downward trend in oil prices continues. Unleaded 87 and 90 octanes will go down by $0.45 per litre, diesel goes down by $0.80 and Kerosene by $0.90 per litre. The new prices will take effect on Thursday.

 Since the confirmation on Friday from the Ministry of Health that there is an outbreak of leptospirosis in Clarendon steps have been taken to prevent it from spreading any further. A massive clean up campaign has already begun to remove garbage, clear drains and destroy any potential breeding ground for rats. A baiting exercise has also been planned for May Pen, Lionel Town and Chapleton in Clarendon on Thursday in an effort to rid the area of the rodents. Reports are that so far 8 persons have died and 65 others have been hospitalized with the disease.

 After the rains on Monday rising flood water trapped about 200 persons along the Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine from Tuesday afternoon to early Wednesday. Reports are that those trapped were rescued after 2:00am Wednesday morning. One car was swept away however no one was inside. Meanwhile on the Castleton Main Road some motorists were also trapped in their vehicles for over 24 hours due to landslides in several sections of the road. In Troja, St. Catherine one student was washed away by flood waters as he tried to cross a fording. Over 50 students spent the night at the Troja High School as they were unable to get home due to the flooded roadways.

Thursday November 17, 2005
 The second match of the Three Match Test series between the West Indies and Australia got under way Wednesday night Jamaica time in Hobart, Australia. The ‘Windies’ won the toss and elected to bat first. By the end of the first days play the ‘Windies’ had breezed out for 149 and Australia had gone 60 for no wickets.

 On Thursday morning unionized workers at the Duckenfield Sugar Factory in St. Thomas went on strike to protest the dismissal of five of their co- workers. According to the workers the five employees including a supervisor was unfairly dismissed last week.

 Following a meeting on Thursday with the country’s Mayors, Prime Minister PJ Patterson has instructed that a Cabinet sub-committee chaired by Dr. Omar Davis, Minister of Finance meet to determine the cost of fixing roads, drains and bridges across the island.

Friday November 18, 2005
 Rising flood waters is still affecting three communities in Wakefield, Trelawny, Blist Pasture, Congo Town and Morefield. The communities have been under water for over a week now and the situation continues to get worst. Residents have been marooned and the only means of commuting is by boat. The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has been supplying food to the affected residents.

 Once again the Jamaica’s Teachers Association (JTA) is pleading for more security in schools especially those in troubled communities. Recently schools in Arnett Gardens, Trench Town High School, Jones Town Primary School and Charlie Smith High School have all been affected by ongoing gang feuds. Some days classes have had to be suspended. The continued violence is also causing poor attendance by students as parents keep their children at home out of fear.

 Seaforth High School in St. Thomas also suspended classes on Friday morning after a man was shot and killed close to the school premises. The principal of the school, Hopeton Henry made the decision to close due to the tense atmosphere in the community.

Saturday November 19, 2005
 On Friday the National Workers Union (NWU) which represents over 1,000 unionized employees of Alpart served a 72 hour strike notice on the management of Alpart. This decision was taken after a meeting at the Ministry of Labour on Thursday night failed to resolve the alleged breaches of the current wage contract. The parties were subsequently called to a meeting at the Ministry Saturday afternoon. Reports are that the strive has been called off after the management of the bauxite company withdrew a controversial memorandum.

 Four persons including a 13 year old boy have been caught and charged by the St. Andrew South Police in connection with the three women who were abducted, raped and two killed in Greenwich Town, Kingston. The adults are Alton Heath otherwise called "Sickhead", Stephan Needham otherwise called Gary, and Hardley Garrick otherwise called Godfrey, a taxi operator of a Kingston address.

 Parents of several street boys are to stand trial next month in the Half Way Tree Criminal Court after been charged for allowing their children to roam the streets begging and harassing motorist. A special task force was launched two weeks ago by the St. Andrew South Police to arrest street boys who have been attacking motorist in the division and smashing the windscreens of drivers who refuse to give them money.

 A major operation by the Kingston Western police was carried out early Saturday morning in the Jones Town Community. After detailed searches of several premises in the troubled community thirty four men were detained for questioning. Reports are that some of those detained have been on the police most wanted list for some time however details are not available at this time.

 Another alleged gang member Vincent Young a member of the Telaviv Gang was shot and killed by the police. The incident took place around 2:00am Saturday morning on Laws Street in Kingston when a group of men fired at a police foot patrol team. The police returned fire and Young was shot. A Taurus revolver and three live rounds were taken from his body.

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