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Weekly Rap-Up: November 20 - 26, 2005


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Weekly Rap-Up: November 20 - 26, 2005

Sunday November 20, 2005
 In an effort to deal with the present crime rate in Jamaica the Government and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) are examining ways to speed up the training process of new recruits. Usually the number of recruits in training is 300 over an eight month period. Over the next 18 months the JCF hopes to recruit 1000 persons. Already 350 civilians have been identified to fill administrative positions which will release those officers to do patrol duties.

 The Portland Parish has launched a redevelopment strategy to upgrade Port Antonio so as to present the resort town as a tourist destination. The Portland Parish Council (PPC), the Portland Chamber of Commerce, the Tourist Product Development Company (TPDCo) in collaboration with the Port Authority are all working together to completely renovate the craft market and several streets in and around Port Antonia. Fifty percent of all cost will be covered by the Port Authority, twenty five percent by business operators and the remaining twenty five percent by Chamber of Commerce. So far fourteen cruise ships are scheduled to make regular stops in Port Antonio from December 14 to April 2006.

Follow up:

Monday November 21, 2005
 The Jamaica Air Traffic Controllers Association (JATCA) on Monday served a three week ultimatum on the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to complete a wage and fringe benefit agreement or they could not guarantee normal service at the islands two international airports. The JATCA is also seeking a new health scheme, a loss of license scheme and a special loan scheme for its members.

 A carrot puree processing plant is to be built in Huntley, Manchester at a cost of approximately $30 million Jamaican dollars. The plant is being constructed on 11/3 acre of land which was donated by Government and is expected to be completed by the end of January 2006. It is being funded by the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, the Jamaica Social Investment Fund, the Social and Economic Support Programme and the Canadian government. It will be operated by the Farmers Association of the Huntley Development Committee.

Tuesday November 22, 2005
 The Bog Walk Gorge has become a major source of concern since the heavy rains recently. Not only is the road surface badly damaged but the incidents of falling rocks have increased. The Government is being urged to find an alternate route and fast.

 West Indies batsman Marlon Samuels has returned home injured after the second Test of the Three Match Test series between the West Indies and Australia. Samuels was hit by a cricket ball on his left knee on the second day of the second test. He will need at least two full weeks to recover and felt the best place to accomplish that would be at home in Jamaica. The final Test math will begin on Thursday night Jamaica time at the Adelaide Oval in Australia.

 Last Thursday, police arrested and charged a 15 year old student of a junior high school in Mandeville, Manchester for illegal possession of ammunition. The young man was found with three 12 gauge cartridges in a scandal bag attached to his underpants, near his genitalia. Reports are that the young man was searched by police after being observed acting suspiciously while playing a practice match at the Greenvale Community Centre football field.

Wednesday November 23, 2005
 The United Union of Jamaica (UUJ) on Tuesday won their case against the management of a number of private security companies. Marksman Limited was fined $500,000.00 and one of its senior directors Jugan Brown was also fined $50,000.00 after being found guilty of breaches of the labour laws. For some time now the security guards have been seeking union representation however the companies had said that the guards were independent contractors and as such were not eligible.

 A 28 seater coaster bus carrying 103 students from several corporate area high schools was stopped by the police on Tuesday morning. The students were taken to school by the police while the driver of the bus who was not doing his assigned route was charged for overloading the vehicle and for operating off his specified route.

Thursday November 24, 2005
 The final match of the three match Test series between the West Indies and Australia begins tonight 7:00pm local time, in Adelaide, Australia. Already winners of the series with 2-0, Australia is looking to whitewash the ‘Windies’ once again. ‘I don’t know bout you all but I don’t aim to loose no more sleep this time round.’

 Jamaica’s murder figures for 2005 have surpassed last year’s 2004 record of 1471. So far this year the murder toll is 1478 and there is still 37days remaining to the end of the year. Eighty five percent of these murders were committed in ten divisions which comprises of several volatile inner-city communities. St. Andrew South, which has 31 inner-city communities, tops the list with 243 murders. St. Catherine North – 208, St. James – 125, Kingston East – 118, St. Catherine South – 117, Kingston West – 111, St. Andrew Central – 110, St. Andrew North – 86, Clarendon – 85 and Kingston Central – 59.

 In light of the rising murder figures, the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ) is calling on the National Security Ministry to place more police personnel on the streets as quickly as possible. With the recent approval given by Cabinet to increase the islands compliment of police officers it was said that over 300 police personnel assigned to desk duties were to be reassigned to the streets.

 Funding has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology to build a new Information Technology centre for the Jamaica Exports Association (JEA) at a cost of 5 million dollars. The facility will benefit the membership of 211 small and medium sized firms representing sixteen sub-sectors. It will provide on-line, web-based access to exporters. The Information Technology centre will facilitate the growth of Jamaica’s export in the international market.

Friday November 25, 2005
 During a police operation in the Gordon Town area on Thursday three persons, two men and a woman were held. A Glock nine millimetre pistol and twenty six rounds of ammunition were seized. Information officer for Operation Kingfish, Sergeant Steve Brown described the three as remnants of the Gideon Warriors gang. Their leader Joel Andem was recently sentenced to twenty years in prison while another gang member, ‘Richie Poo’ Tyndale was given thirty years.

 Last year September the Government increased the import tariff on cement from 25 to 40 percent following a complaint by Caribbean Cement that it was being affected by the dumping of cement in Jamaica. Cement importers opposed the increase warning that it would place Caribbean Cement in a monopoly position and put them at a disadvantage. They had also questioned Caribbean Cement's ability to sufficiently supply the Jamaican market. Recently Caribbean cement has been unable to supply adequate supply due to damages to their plant caused by the heavy rains. Members of the construction industry as well as hardware merchants have been calling for the tariff to be withdrawn in light of the shortage of cement now affecting the island. Commerce Minister Phillip Paulwell argued that the 40 percent tariff has not prevented entities from importing cement and that there is no need to remove the tariff at this time. Caribbean Cement announced that it will have to import cement to supplement the shortage however the company said that they would not pass the 40 percent tariff cost on to consumers.

 Effective December 01, 2005 Cayman Nationals traveling to Jamaica will need a visa. This action was taken in response to the decision taken by the Cayman Islands Government to impose visa requirements for Jamaicans visiting the Cayman Islands since November 01, 2005.

 On Friday the Senate passed a bill for an independent body to be established to monitor the conduct of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, the Jamaica Defense Force, the Island Special Constabulary Force and the District Constables. The body will comprise of 5 to 7 members, none of whom can be currently serving members of the Police Force, the Military, the National Reserves or any connected bodies. It is hoped that the bill will help to increase public confidence in the security forces.

Saturday November 26, 2005
 West Indies batsman Brian Lara became the leading run-scorer in Test cricket of all time, passing the 11,174 total of former Australian captain Allan Border. Lara scored his 11,175th run on the second morning of the third Test against Australia. He was eventually bowled by Glenn McGrath for 226 after improving the record to 11,187. Although this will not help the ‘Windies’ in the overall series as we have already lost it just might save us from a whitewash. Anyway you can’t help but be proud of Lara.

 On Wednesday Corporal Granville Waite was reportedly severely beaten by fellow members of the force when he sought a drink of water at the Mount Salem Police Station. He was accused of trying to impersonate the police as he was without proper identification. Corporal Waite received several blows to the head and is suffering from serious injuries to his spine. Doctors say his injuries are life threatening. The Commanding Officer for St. James Superintendent Warren Clarke has denied that officers at the Mount Salem police Station were involved in the incident. Corporal Hartley Stewart, General Secretary of the Federation has said that the Federation has started its investigation into the matter.

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