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Category: Business

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Categories: Business

Is there a Future for the National Carrier?

Yesterday was the inaugural flight of Spirit Airlines into Jamaica. There were two flights from Fort Lauderdale one to Kingston and one to Montego Bay. The flight to the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston was named the ‘Spirit of Jamaica’ an… more »


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Defeating the Purpose

I do believe I’m missing something important in the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) protest action against Esso. My understanding was that with all the Esso Service Stations closed for two days Esso would lose enough money to force them to… more »


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Hats off to the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association

In Jamaica when prices escalate on goods and services we ‘cuss and gwan bad’ amongst ourselves but in the end do nothing constructive about it. We underestimate the power we possess as consumers if we unite and take a stand together. So I say hats off to… more »


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Jamaica Sugar Industry in Crisis

Yesterday October 25, 2005 the Prime Minister P. J. Patterson disclosed in Parliament plans to eventually close two of the five Government owned sugar plants, Long Pond and Bernard Lodge. This decision is based on the pending cuts in sugar prices propose… more »


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Categories: Business

The Fictitious Jamaica

THE FICTITIOUS JAMAICA It is patently obvious that a fictitious Jamaica has been created to which reference is made from time to time in glowing terms of prosperity. How else could there be talk of such good and beneficial things happening for the mas… more »


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Qualified by Experience Not Enough

Once upon a time you could get a ‘decent’ paying job based on your GCE, now CXC, examinations results. Most companies would employ a person on the strength of those passes and proceed to train them on the specifics required for the particular job. Based… more »


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Categories: Politics, Business

Can the JLP lead this country to economic Prosperity?

Post contributed by: Courtney Kenlock The JLP seems to think that Jamaica is the same Jamaica that they led some 20 years ago. There are a number of changes in the world such as globalization which none of the political parties seem prepared for. The… more »


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Categories: Business

Petrol Price Hike

This year 2005, so far has been a financially challenging year for most of us. We have learnt to cut, carve and tighten in order to keep afloat. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worst we are greeted with the news of a dramatic increase in the pri… more »


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Jamaican’s just celebrated 43 years of an independent Jamaica and while we have achieved much as a nation, there are so many negatives in our society today that I long for a pre-independent Jamaica when the scariest thing on our land was the “Jonkunnu… more »


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Inflation Rates

The government is constantly publishing inflation rates which are suppose to represent the countries economic position. Personally I’m confused. I would love to know exactly what is used to measure inflation or where the people who come up with these fig… more »

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