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Jamaica Sugar Industry in Crisis


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Jamaica Sugar Industry in Crisis

Yesterday October 25, 2005 the Prime Minister P. J. Patterson disclosed in Parliament plans to eventually close two of the five Government owned sugar plants, Long Pond and Bernard Lodge. This decision is based on the pending cuts in sugar prices proposed by the European Union (EU) on sugar imported from Africa, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries over the next four years. About 4000 sugar workers will be affected.
The Prime Minister pointed out that the closure will be done on a phased basis starting next year 2006. The Government also indicated plans to introduce suitable alternatives. Steps are to be taken to establish training programs to retrain workers. Job opportunities are expected to be created from the expansion of the tourism sector, the introduction of the production of ethanol as a substitute for chemical MTBE in gasoline and the increased production of molasses for rum manufacture.

Follow up:

How will this grant scheme be funded? The Government hopes to secure some compensation from the EU, along with soft loans from EU institutions and other international financial institutions.
How much will it cost? Mr. Patterson admitted that he did not have a total cost at this time. He also disclosed that already a Brazilian entity is interested in acquiring one of the Government owned factory for the production of ethanol.
Will the Government plans help the nation? Many Jamaicans including the sugar farmers of Jamaica do not think so. In fact from all indications the farmers are quite outraged. They believe the present position of the sugar industry is as a result of bad management and wants the government to turn over the factories to them. They believe that with the right persons at the helm the industry can be restored.
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