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Hats off to the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association


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Hats off to the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association

In Jamaica when prices escalate on goods and services we ‘cuss and gwan bad’ amongst ourselves but in the end do nothing constructive about it. We underestimate the power we possess as consumers if we unite and take a stand together. So I say hats off to the Jamaica Gasoline Retailers Association (JGRA) for their initiative to suspend sales at Esso Service Stations Island wide to protest Esso’s high pricing mechanism.
In recent times the cost of gasoline has sky rocked. The increase was inevitable considering the global situation however the difference in prices from local petrol station to station is unacceptable.

Follow up:

Since yesterday Esso Stations Island wide closed in an initial two day protest against Esso’s pricing mechanism. As a result of this pricing mechanism Esso dealers are forced to sell gas higher than their competitors. After an emergency meeting called by Phillip Paulwell, Minister of Commerce last night ended in deadlock the protest has been extended. The JGRA is determined to hold out until Esso changes its pricing mechanism.
Most consumers are in support of the protest even if they are being inconvenienced in any way. When interviewed Esso dealers admitted that their sales have been low anyway as people have become very conscious of the gas prices. We need to find more effective and peaceful ways such as these to demand what is right.
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