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Permalink 02:33:23 pm, by Melba
Categories: Commentary

Where are our Jamaican fathers

It's amazing how many Jamaican men take great pride in braging about the amount of 'youth' them have. What's disturbing is when you probe further a great deal of them have these children for several different 'baby mothers'and have no clue how these children survive from day to day.
This week on the program, Morning Time, which airs on TVJ one of the guest on the show was the Registrar General Department (RGD). It was then I learn't that for last year 2004, of all the children registered in Jamaica only 36% of the certificates issued carried the fathers name.The year before 2003, was 37% and so far this year 2005, it's 38%. What can I say these figures speak for themselves.
Then today I read The Sunday Gleaner and I see headlines such as 'For the baby's sake', 'Fatherless:Missing or misguided', 'Absentee dads blamed for sons' waywardness' and 'The value of a father's love'. There was also another article titled 'Our fathers are coming alive'. I pray for all our sakes that this is true as the nation is surely reaping the benefits of the absentee dads not only for our boys but also our girls.
Now I know that there are some excellent fathers out there and if you are reading this then I applaud you. Unfortunatly the numbers speak clearly.
So gentlemen I implore you to take an active part in your children's lives. Be an example to them and don't be afraid to show compassion and love.
Nuff love


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Categories: Commentary

The Beasts of Cedar Valley

In Jamaica we have a saying, 'believe kills and believe cures', but is this the case with the Beast of Cedar Valley, St. Ann. Several eye wittnesses claim to have seen the strange creatures.
Reports are that there are two of them, one brown and white and the other black. According to The Star one eye wittness says 'They look like dawg, bark like dawg but the funniest ting it don't carry feet like dawg. Dem carry hoof like goat.'
They feed on trees and have so far devoured more than ten banana trees and one cedar tree. The Beasts have only been seen at night between midnight and dawn and appear every two or three weeks for the past three months.
Some believe it's a 'rolling calf', some believe its a fulfilment of prophecy or an indication that the world is coming to an end.
Any where else in the world and we would say the Beast must be the result of an experiment gone terrible wrong. What do you think?
Walk good.
Nuff love


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Categories: Culture

Natural Diasasters and Tourism

Most persons who hear of a natural diasaster anywhere,immediately think 'di place must mash up, mi naa go dey so'. Jamaica not only got one but two hurricanes in the space of two weeks so tourist must be saying Jamaica must be totally devastated.
Both hurricanes Dennis and Emily spared Jamaica a direct hit. They dumped a lot of water on us and some areas were badly affected. Fortunately most of our tourist resorts and areas escaped damages. 'But does the tourist know this'. According to the Jamaican Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) already some have cancelled thier vacations and no new bookings are coming in.
This is such a pity as there is so much going on now, our visiters are really in for a treat. Sumfest goes for a whole week , and has something for every taste. From a beach party, vintage night, dance hall night and much more. Denbigh 2005 starts July 30 to August 01,2005. This year I understand it's going to be even bigger and better with new features such as Daily Farmers Market, Chefs competition, kiddies Village, Ornamental Horticultural display to name a few.
Then it is also our Festival time. Jamaican Popular Song competition, Miss Jamaica Festival Queen,National Gospel Road shows and I could go on and on.
This next couple of weeks promise to be very exciting in Jamaica. There is something here for everyone to enjoy. Yes there are areas that will take time to restore but we need the income from out tourism to help.
'Trust mi, we no mash up. Come help wi celebrate and enjoy yu selves'.
Nuff love


Permalink 06:13:35 pm, by Skillachi
Categories: Entertainment

Reggae Sumfest Again

Wow Sumfest is upon us again. Described as the greatest Reggae show on earth, But will it live up to its name this year?
We all know about the controversy that is happening behind with some of the artists but the loyal patrons are wondering... Is it worth its money?

First lets look at a little history behind the artists problems. We know have heard the story that at carnival this year Bounty Killer and Beenie Man "cursed" on stage and because of this the main sponsors (C&W, Red Stripe etc etc) have decided that they will withdraw their sponsorship from any event that they are performing at. But did the "Killer" and Beenie Man really deserve this?

Anybody who was at the carnival knew that they in fact never even uttered a badword. Beenie Man sang one of his hits and when he arrived at the point in the song where he would've normally uttered a foul lyric, he pointed the mic to the crowd and the crowd sang the lyric for him. No gay bashing took place for both artists, but yet when it came to time for the media houses to publish reports we heard of the artists saying all manner of evil but yet most people don't even remember such a thing. It was even discussed last week Wednesday on Mutabaruka's Programme on Irie FM. This leads the public to wonder, could their be a greater conspiracy behind this? Could it be that somebody is pulling the strings to get rid of Jamaica's favourite Dj's?

At the same time we also have to look on the other side of the story. Beenie Man had the gall to say "No Beenie Man, No Sumfest." Could it be that these artists have gotten so comfortable in their stardom they believe that without them the show will simply bomb? Utter garbage in my opinion. How can two artists make a show that will last from 9-5? Last year I remember that the highlight of the show wasn't beenie man and bounty killer but it was in fact elephant man who came and simply took the show, other highlights of the show included Wayne Marshall and Vybz Kartel (Who haven't made the line-up this year... I wonder why?)

But to be completely honest, Beenie Man and Bounty Killer do have a special part in the Sumfest show. What will it be like to have sumfest without hearing Bounty Killer enter the stage with his "People Dead!!" entrance, or Beenie Man entertaining the crowd with his ability to pick the right song at just the right moment. Will the crowd walk away this year unable to sleep because of the happenings, or will they walk away feeling like they just wasted a lot of money? The line-up this year is excellent even without a few Dancehall Giants. It Includes Capleton and Sizzla and Elephant man who will most certainly give excellent performances but it does seem a little week without the regulars in the show. Also the International Nights look like they wont disappoint and the rockers night looks like one that any reggae lover will be happy to go to, especially if they like to hear what we have come from.

Whether it is worth the money or not, is up to you to decide.
I for one Plan to enjoy sumfest for all its worth and I hope that it will not bomb and disappoint its patrons.


Permalink 03:13:56 pm, by Melba
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Jamaican Terrorist

On the international scene Jamaicans have been given many negative labels such as 'badmen', 'drugist', 'money launderers' to name a few. As a result of these 'labels' we all 'ketch hell' going through immigration in 'forien'lands. Now thanks to young Germaine Lindsay the authorities have one more label to add to the list....'terrorist'.
These things really grieve my heart as I know for a fact that most Jamaicans are hard working, honest, loving, fun loving and great people. Yes we are a passionate people but thats what makes us so special.When we believe in something we are prepared to defend our positions, and I mean that in a most positive way.
What is so very sad is that most of the offenders who give us these labels although Jamaican born or of Jamaican descendants left Jamaica as very young children. These youngsters are then indoctrinated by foreigners. When they become too much to handle everybody disowns them. So once again they are Jamaicans. They might have been born here but they are products of the evil found where they reside. Young Germaine left Jamaica at age five months.
Jamaica has produced some brilliant people in all walks of life all over the world. If only the authorities abroad would see that 'Every fish eena sea nuh shark'. Unfortunately, 'the good always suffa fi the bad'.
My fellow Jamaicans stay cool. From you have nothing to hide you have nothing to be concerned about. Walk good.
Nuff love

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Categories: Weather

Spared by Lady Emily

Jamaicans are once again sighing with relief as Hurricane Emily spared us a direct hit. In our eyes she is a true lady. Not to discount her power Emily a dangerous category 4 hurricane packing winds of 155 mph passed to the south of St. Elizabeth on Saturday July 16, 2005.
Rain from the outer bands was our worst enemy. Serious flooding has been reported in Holland, Maggoty, the New River area, parts of Clarendon, St. Ann, Trelawny, Mandeville, Westmoreland and Portland. In Annotto Bay, St. Mary several hundred residents had to seek shelter at the All-Age School because of flooding.Some families of flood proned areas were taking no chances after Hurricane Dennis last week and had moved to shelters before as a precautionary measure.
The Palisadoes road was blocked with debris from the ocean cutting off access to the Norman Manley International Airport and Port Royal.
I'm sure as the days go on we will hear of more flooded areas, impassable roads, land slides and other disasters associated with the torrential rains and strong winds of Hurricane Emily. However, I'm sure all Jamaica joins me in giving thanks to our creator (whom ever you concieve him to be) for once agian sparing Jamaica from the worst.
Nuff love


Permalink 03:57:45 pm, by Melba
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The sweet sound of patois

Have you ever experienced being lost and then eventually recognizing someone or someplace. The joy of relief that you feel in that moment that you are found is so great it's unbelievable. Well it's the same feeling you get when you are away from Jamaica and hear a fellow Jamaican speak.
Most persons tend to adopt the accent of the natives wherever they are. Sometimes it's the only way to be understood. 'Sometimes dem jus tink dem cute', or is it 'when in Rome do as the Romans'. Well, whatever the reason the minute a Jamaican hears a fellow Jamaican in 'forien' it's amazing how quickly they 'laps back ina the patois'. Everybody 'bus hout a laff' and an onlooker would believe you all know each other from 'Adam'. They have no idea 'what a clack a strike'.
It becomes even sweeter the farther away you are from home.I have personally had the experience on a bus in Hong Kong, in a supermarket in Seattle and in a restaurant in Maui and in all cases it made my holiday.
Today travelling has become a way of life for many Jamaicans. Either for business or pleasure. There are also a lot of Jamaicans living in foreign lands near and far. So when you 'buckup' a fellow Jamaican 'a forien' don't hold back. Let the sweet sound of our native patois be your bond.
Nuff love


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Categories: Weather

Awaiting Hurricane Emily

Today is July 15,2005 and already Jamaica is bracing for its second Hurricane of the season. The question on everyones mind is should I, or should I not? Is this hurricane really coming or not? Some are saying because it's a 'woman hurricane' it can't make up its mind. What can I say, Jamaicans are colourful people.
Earlier this morning Hurricane Emily became a category 4 hurricane packing winds of up to 135 mph travelling WNW.'Straight fi Jamaica'. Since then it has downgraded to a category 3 hurricane packing winds of 115 mph travelling W. Still a dangerous lady but this latest course takes her further south of Jamaica making her seem less ominous to us.
So, back to the question, 'should I go through the whole nine yards'of preparation or not. My granny used to say 'An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure'.
Keep praying with and for us. This little island we love is already supersaturated with Hurricane Dennis which pasted last week. Even if we only get rain, some parishes can't take anymore.
'I gawn get ready'.
Nuff love


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Categories: Entertainment

Clancy Eccles

Today Jamaica layed to rest one of its 'ordinary, great' men. How can he be ordinary and great at the same time, you ask? Well for those of us who knew Clancy, I'm sure you understand exactly what I mean.
Clancy was an entertainer, who gave us such hits as 'Freedom' and 'Hit them with Jamal'. He was very passionate about his music however he also had a great passion to help young people. He didn't have much but he was not afraid to get involved and stand up for what he believed in. He helped to organize the youths in his area in sports and music.
Some people might also label Clancy as an activist, and I say that in a good way. He had the ear of politicians and was not afraid to point out the good and the bad that they did. Jamaica was the land he loved and although he was not in the spotlight he didn't mind working behind the scenes for its good.
Clancy was a family man, however his family extended beyond his children. His home was a gathering place for the young and the young at heart.
So yes Clancy was and ordinary Jamaican man but in his own way he was a great Jamaican man.
Nuff Love


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Hurricane Emily

It's only July 12, 2005 and already we have faced one full blown hurricane, Dennis. Luckily for us in Jamaica Dennis dallied around the island instead of hitting us directly. Still some parts of the island nearly 'wash weh'.
One person lost his life and many families are still in shelters as their homes are under water. From Portland to St. Anns got a lot of rain. Many roads in those parishes are still impassable and some bridges are out.
Once again the crops that were just beginning to come in after Hurricane Ivan last year were hard hit. 'Man, a lang fi a banana'.
And just when you think you can sigh a sigh of relief, 'braps', here comes another one. Hurricane Emily is making her way 'right back a' Dennis, following in his footsteps. ''Is a good thing me neva put up anything yet'. Them seh dat is only the man hurricane them have teeth, mi hope them right.
Still we are giving much thanks. Look at Haiti, Cuba and even parts of the great USA. Jamaica well blessed 'fi true.'
Well it's back on we knees, 'for wi did tink sey it did done, but it jus a com'.
Nuff love

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