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Awaiting Hurricane Emily


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Awaiting Hurricane Emily

Today is July 15,2005 and already Jamaica is bracing for its second Hurricane of the season. The question on everyones mind is should I, or should I not? Is this hurricane really coming or not? Some are saying because it's a 'woman hurricane' it can't make up its mind. What can I say, Jamaicans are colourful people.
Earlier this morning Hurricane Emily became a category 4 hurricane packing winds of up to 135 mph travelling WNW.'Straight fi Jamaica'. Since then it has downgraded to a category 3 hurricane packing winds of 115 mph travelling W. Still a dangerous lady but this latest course takes her further south of Jamaica making her seem less ominous to us.
So, back to the question, 'should I go through the whole nine yards'of preparation or not. My granny used to say 'An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure'.
Keep praying with and for us. This little island we love is already supersaturated with Hurricane Dennis which pasted last week. Even if we only get rain, some parishes can't take anymore.
'I gawn get ready'.
Nuff love

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