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Jamaican Terrorist


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Jamaican Terrorist

On the international scene Jamaicans have been given many negative labels such as 'badmen', 'drugist', 'money launderers' to name a few. As a result of these 'labels' we all 'ketch hell' going through immigration in 'forien'lands. Now thanks to young Germaine Lindsay the authorities have one more label to add to the list....'terrorist'.
These things really grieve my heart as I know for a fact that most Jamaicans are hard working, honest, loving, fun loving and great people. Yes we are a passionate people but thats what makes us so special.When we believe in something we are prepared to defend our positions, and I mean that in a most positive way.
What is so very sad is that most of the offenders who give us these labels although Jamaican born or of Jamaican descendants left Jamaica as very young children. These youngsters are then indoctrinated by foreigners. When they become too much to handle everybody disowns them. So once again they are Jamaicans. They might have been born here but they are products of the evil found where they reside. Young Germaine left Jamaica at age five months.
Jamaica has produced some brilliant people in all walks of life all over the world. If only the authorities abroad would see that 'Every fish eena sea nuh shark'. Unfortunately, 'the good always suffa fi the bad'.
My fellow Jamaicans stay cool. From you have nothing to hide you have nothing to be concerned about. Walk good.
Nuff love

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"Recently, this Jamaican won the 10 million special lottery for a dollar. As soon as the office of the Lottery Corporation was open on the following day, he was there to collect his winnings.

Graciously, he presented his winning ticket to the clerk and in his best English uttered his request "Me cum fi collect the 10 millian dallars, si me ticket ya".

After reviewing and checking the ticket with his manager, the clerk returned and requested on how he would like his payments. The Jamaican replied "Mi wan all a de moni now". "Unfortunately, Sir" the nervous clerk responded, "The procedures are that we can only give you one million now and the balance equally over the next 20 years".

Furious and agitated, the Jamaican asked for the manager, who re-iterated "Sir, my assistant is correct, it is the regulation of the corporation that we initially pay you one million dollars now with the balance paid to you equally over the next 20 years".

Outraged, the Jamaican slammed his hand on the desk and shouted in anger, "Oonu tek me fi idiat, me wan all a de moni now or oonu gi me bak me rass dallar!!"


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