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Shooting in West Kingston

On Sunday a few (well actually alot of people) celebrated the birthday party of one of Jamaica's major criminal figures, the same figure who has been linked to having a Jamaica-wide criminal network of various gangs, and also the same person who has been… more »
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Categories: Commentary

Air Jamaica – The end of an Era

So did you see the Gleaner’s feature, ‘Hospitality Jamaica’s’ front page today? Just in case you didn’t I copied it for you.   I wonder if you see what I see. Remember Air Jamaica’s slogan; let me remind you, its ‘Soaring to new heights’. But tha… more »


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Categories: Sports, Commentary

In Focus: Samardo Samuels

Its not very often that  you see Jamaicans making it to the top level of sports in the world. I mean of course we are filled with so much talent that it seems to rush out like a balloon filled with water just waiting to burst and flood the scene. I mean… more »


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Government selling more stuff

Its hard to figure out what exactly is the current government's growth strategy for Jamaica because the government behaves in the most random behaviour I have ever seen. First they want to sell out all the local companies and then... well they want to se… more »


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Categories: Business, Commentary

Jamaica Debt Exchange Initiative

The Minister of Finance,  Audley Shaw  has been quite elated at the success of the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) initiative. As a direct result Jamaica’s credit rating has already gone up by the international rating agencies.  The initiative also helped to… more »
Permalink 12:21:44 pm, by Skillachi
Categories: Education, Commentary

Substandard Engineers?

I recently read an article that irked me just as much as the article I wrote about last year where the quality of the possible judges to the Caribbean Court of Justice came into question. This article published in the Jamaica Observer stated that the loc… more »


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Categories: Politics, Business, Commentary, News

GOJ and AA deal wasn't proper

Ok so yet another news piece which doesn't in anyway whatsoever surprise me has been reveleaded to the public, this news is a report that the deal which the government signed with American Airlines for them to continue operating certain routes to Jamaica… more »


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Categories: Politics, Business, Commentary

The US government declares diplomatic war

Its not everyday I feel triumphant after doing something as simple as writing an article, but yesterday morning when I saw the front page of the Gleaner I just found myself smiling and laughing as the first thing that was written was what I had posted ab… more »


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Categories: Commentary, News

High Society Jamaicans Losing their Visas

So sometime last week there was a newsbreak which stated that businessman Wayne Chen while attempting to travel outside of the country found out quite embarrasingly that his visa was revoked. Now when the news broke instantly eyebrows started to raise th… more »


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Categories: Sports, Commentary, News

Jamaica's Up and Coming middle-Long distance program

Jamaica has always had pride in the fact that we've been called the sprint capital of the world. Ever since we first entered the olympics we have basiaclly set ourselves apart as a people with an amazing ability to run really fast over short distances. A… more »

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