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High Society Jamaicans Losing their Visas


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High Society Jamaicans Losing their Visas

So sometime last week there was a newsbreak which stated that businessman Wayne Chen while attempting to travel outside of the country found out quite embarrasingly that his visa was revoked. Now when the news broke instantly eyebrows started to raise throughout the nation as people began to speculate (as only Jamaicans can) about the reasons behind the revocation. I however find it strange that according to this article, the government has had to look into the matter itself... yes the entire government of Jamaica is now asking the US government why it revoked the passport of one citizen. Personally I am hoping this is something which happens with every traveller who this happens to, but I know this is only wishful thinking.

Speculators noted the fact that for nearly a year now (or more, I maybe wrong) there has been no US ambassador to Jamaica, people have found the non-appointment of somebody to the position quite strange and have thought that this was a move by the US to slowly cut off Jamaicans, a move which they believe stemmed from the fact that the government continues to deny an extradition request of a high profile criminal to the United States. Therefore this move is seen as some form of a showing of the abilities of the US government as it barely flexes it muscles against Jamaica. I've also heard some speculation that the reason for the revocation was due to unscrupulous things which were done in the past by Mr. Chen. However there is no established facts to backup any of the claims so I am forced to take the objective stance and just wait until we receive word from the authorities.

As for the US government's side, there has been no direct explanation given as to the reason why the visa was suddenly revoked but both the Gleaner and the Observer have released statements from Chen where he states:

I have been a public figure in this country for 15 years. It is really distressing to know that my visa has been cancelled without notice... I can't imagine a reason why. I was at the US Embassy some weeks ago looking about a visa for a family member and I presented my passport and I was not informed of the cancellation.

Among other things praising Chen as a wonderful public figure... I will have to agree that as far as his public image goes however he has been pretty spotless and there is no well known misdemeanor or felony against him. However this is in the public eye, and being that we are living in a pretty corrupt society its possible for things to disappear if necessary.

Furthermore an interesting addition to the scandal that hasn't been reported publicly is the fact that Chen isn't the only high society individual... As a matter of fact a number of people have suddenly had their visa revoked. I can't say publicly who's name has been called due to a lack of definite facts however I think I can say that one of them has a nickname that is popularly associated with really mean dogs.

For whatever reason it is though people in high positions in society have suddenly started worrying about the state of their visa's and there is a sort of ruffling of feathers going on and many people are starting to get worried. Either way this is quite the scandal and you can imagine people are starting to get excited over this event and u can imagine that there will be a huge media scandal over this in the coming weeks.

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