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Air Jamaica – The end of an Era


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Air Jamaica – The end of an Era

So did you see the Gleaner’s feature, ‘Hospitality Jamaica’s’ front page today? Just in case you didn’t I copied it for you.




I wonder if you see what I see. Remember Air Jamaica’s slogan; let me remind you, its ‘Soaring to new heights’. But that isn’t Air Jamaica is it? No it’s Jet Blue and there giving his endorsement (or so it seems) for the entire world to see is none other than our beloved ambassador, the Honourable Usain Bolt.


For those of us who were praying for a miracle, hoping that some how there was a way to save even a little piece of our national airline, I guess the writing is on the wall. (Or is it the picture is in the new papers.) There they are just wanting, waiting and willing to jump in and snatch up those unprofitable routes that just couldn’t make it for us Jamaicans.


Since this week there have been reports of Jet Blue increasing flights between Jamaica and New York and Orlando, Air Canada increasing flights between Jamaica and Toronto, American increasing flights between Jamaica and New York, Delta increasing flights during the summer. Air Tran began operations between Jamaica and Baltimore and Orlando in February. Western Air, the largest privately owned airline in The Bahamas will begin direct schedule flights between the Bahamas and Jamaica on April 12, 2010. Inselair will begin flights between Jamaica and Curacao April 13, 2010. And those are only the ones I have heard about.


It’s sad, but I do believe that we have come to the end of an era for Air Jamaica. Even if they are to stay in business, what chance do they have now with all those Low Cost Carriers literally on their backs? I must confess that when ever I travelled in the past it was such a pleasure to board an Air Jamaica flight. I really felt as if I had already reached home. I have flown on nuff, nuff airlines and I can say with much pride that Air Jamaica is one of the best. Not to mention their safety record. I don’t know ‘bout’ you but I will definitely miss them. Any way with this clueless government any card can still play.


Nuff Love.

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