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Categories: Commentary

Football Match Shooting

The pictures of mothers doubled over with grieve ‘bawling’ for the lost of their children is becoming an everyday sight in Jamaica. On the front pages of Jamaican newspapers and on the television everyday the scene becomes more prevalent. It’s heart brea… more »


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Eating Healthy

For a long time now I have been struggling with my weight. It usually becomes critical when I need to fit into that particular little outfit for that most important date. I will notice a few extra bulges or a zipper unable to meet (or did the outfit shri… more »


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Qualified by Experience Not Enough

Once upon a time you could get a ‘decent’ paying job based on your GCE, now CXC, examinations results. Most companies would employ a person on the strength of those passes and proceed to train them on the specifics required for the particular job. Based… more »


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Miss Jamaica World 2005 - Terri-Karell Griffith

Over the years the Miss Jamaica World competition has been a source of controversy. One of the greatest contentions is that no matter how beautiful and/or intelligent the black girls are the ‘brownings’ are always chosen. Well this year 2005, a natur… more »


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People Power

Recently, the rising cost of gasoline has been a major cause for concern to every Jamaican. It would appear that the pricing process goes through several additions before the final price reaches the consumer. First the refineries purchases crude oil from… more »


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What Happens Next

Reactions to the JLP lead demonstrations help on Tuesday September 6, 2005 across Jamaica have been varied. There as been expressions of anger, frustration and just plain ‘fedup’. People have expressed great anger at the JLP administration, anger at the… more »


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Categories: Education, Commentary

Life after CXC

So your teenager didn’t do well in his/her Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) examinations. You’re upset for you know they could have done better but just played the fool and wasted time and money. You don’t business with them anymore, they’re on their… more »


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JLP Protest Photos

Police keeping their presence after clearing intersection at Duke and North Streets in downtown Kingston. Police personnel on full alert, while demonstrators display placards, angering their disgust over recent price increases at the bottom of Sou… more »


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Categories: Politics, Commentary

Stupid People

Ok, maybe the title of my post has been harsh, but its what is running through my head at the moment. I am utterly frustrated. Frustrated with what? with the stupidity that seems to reign about our country today. I always used to say to myself that I'd n… more »
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War going on during the JLP's demonstration day

These are pictures of an armored vehicle on Mountain View Avenue that came on the scene after a man was fatally shot this afternoon. (There was no protesting going on here. Apparently two groups have been having a war, and have simply used t… more »

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