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Code Red Anniversary kicked off Easter weekend


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Code Red Anniversary kicked off Easter weekend

Code Red’s first ever anniversary event on Good Friday, Easter Weekend, turned out to be a phenomenal success. Margaritaville, Ochi, was filled to capacity with patrons arriving as early as 10pm. “We were still putting the finishing touches on the decor when people started to get there, I was amazed. That was when I knew we would have a tremendous turnout.” said Master Lee, CEO of Code Red Music Group (CRMG). “To be honest, people never actually ever ‘stopped’ arriving, even at 3am people were still lining up at the gate to get in, the total number of patrons was in excess of 2000 people, there was barely space left to move.” stated Master Lee. The music for the event was kicked off by the host sound themselves with the Code Red’s new stars ‘Dj Lank’ and ‘Chris Dymond’ building the vibes as the people streamed in. Pacing the night properly like experienced professionals, they started with the 90s era, getting people to dance and give an ‘early forward’ as the vibes built up. Shortly after, Chris Dymond introduced Mr. Fully Loaded himself ‘Blade’, who re-introduced himself to the crowd having just returned from a 6 week tri-state club tour for Code Red Sound in New York. At 1:30am, in came the Far East Rulers ‘Mighty Crown’ from Japan, who in fine ‘big sound style’ broke the pace and started their round with today’s most popular one-drop hits. For an entire fifteen minutes they had the crowd singing the songs word for word and before they stepped up the pace and switched to hip hop. They quickly progressed into the latest dancehall and then ended their set with some foundation songs. They then saluted their long time friends Master Lee and Zj Rush, congratulated Code Red on a successful event and 9 years strong in the business, and bid the crowd goodnight. “Irish & Chin, Mighty Crown and Code Red are really all one big family.” stated Master Lee. “They literally stopped in the middle of their preparation for ‘Death Before Dishonor’, came to our event, played, and then drove straight back to Kingston to catch the first flight out to Antigua for a clash they had over there the next day. That’s true friendship.” said Master Lee. Zj Rush from Code Red promptly took over at 2:30am. Even though the event was called ‘Code Red Anniversary’, it was also his ‘1 year Zipaversary’ to mark the completion of one full year for him on Zip Fm. The ‘Remix King’ played some of the material he’s become renowned for through his widely popular ‘Remix Mondays’ show. After a short and spicy segment he then transformed into the host for the live performance section of the event. The anniversary was billed to feature Aidonia, but was also blessed by the presence of the youngest legend in the making ‘Konshens’, the high energy duo ‘RDX’ and the Alliance’s new sensation ‘Poor & Boasy’, all of whom were eager to perform. RDX opened the show reeling through their many hits punch-line for punch-line with songs like ‘Everybody Dance’, ‘Bend ‘Over’ and their latest hit ‘Skip To My Luu’. Then came the cool, calm and collect Konshens touching on heartfelt topics for the patrons with songs like ‘Winner’, ‘This Means Money’ and ‘Keep Badmind Outta A Mi Heart’. After Konshens it was time for the man of the night, Mr. Code Red Anniversary, ‘Aidonia’. “Donia’s set was craaazzzyyy.” said Zj Rush. “He did like 20 songs. I was afraid that people were gonna cut after he was done at one point, lol.” continued Rush. “Yup, he did ‘Heart Is Hers’, the big song he has with Aisha Davis, ‘Bad People’ and ‘Tell Dem Me Bad Anyweh’. Those were the songs he got the most response for overall, even though it felt like every song he did flattened the place.” added Master Lee. Lastly ‘Poor And Boasy’ from the Alliance stepped up to close the performance segment with a brief stint of his most popular songs. After the performances ended, Zj Liquid took the music to the next level, wasting no time to get into the ‘girl dem bruck-out segment’. There was a time when it was just Zjs in action, where he and Zj Rush were playing as a team to hold the vibes into the early hours of the morning. The event was not only well attended overall, but was also honoured by the presence of some distinguished members of society, the entertainment industry, and media houses. Minister Phillip Paulwell and the regional manager for Margaritaville were in attendance. Hit producers ‘Russian’ and Equinoxx’ were also present. Representatives from,, and Dj Wayne from Irie Fm were all there to enjoy the event.

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Reasons why I love my Jamaican Mom

1. My Mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.
"Just wait till we get home."

2. My Mother taught me about RECEIVING.
"You going get a ass'n when we get home!"

3. My Mother taught me to MEET A CHALLENGE.
"What di backside yu thinkin'? Answer me when me talk to you...Don't talk back to me!"

4. My Mother taught me CONSEQUENCES.
"If yu run cross de road an' cyar lick yu dung, a goin' kill yu wid lick."

5. My Mother taught me THE VALUE OF EDUCATION.
"If yu no go a school, yu a go tun tief or walk an' pick up bottle."

6. My Mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.
"If yu tun over yu eye lid an fly pitch pan it, it a go stay so fi evva."

7. My Mother taught me to THINK AHEAD.
"Is not one time monkey goin' wan' wife"

8. My Mother taught me ESP.
"Yu tink a don't know what yu up to nuh?"

9. My Mother taught me HUMOR.
"If yu don' eat food, breeze goin' blow yu 'way."

10. My Mother taught me how to BECOME AN ADULT.
"Come an' tek yu beatin' like man."

11. My Mother taught me about SEX.
"Yu tink say yu drop from sky?"

12. My Mother taught me about GENETICS.
"Yu jus' like yu faada."

13. My Mother taught me about my ROOTS.
"Yu tink mi come from "Back A Wall?"

14. My Mother taught me about WISDOM OF AGE.
"When yu get to be as ol' as me, yu wi understan'."

15. And my all time favorite... JUSTICE.
"One day wen yu have pickney, a hope dem treat yu same way."


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