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Good Times linking up with Irie Jam Media


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Good Times linking up with Irie Jam Media

This Spring Irie Jam Media will present the yet another staging of its always eagerly anticipated Good Times, the premiere 70s, 80s, 90s party event,… but with a twist for 2010. Irie Jam will collaborate with Quorum Entertainment, originators and promoters of the hugely popular Good Times party series in Jamaica (since1997), to introduce the first phase of what it anticipates will be a long lasting effort, for taking Good Times Ja, to the USA & indeed globally. The event aptly tagged, “Yard and Farrin” offers a unique blend of the synergy created by these dynamic organizations both of which have been recognized for staging award-winning, world class entertainment events. The “Yard and Farrin” Good Times party will provide the perfect mix of authentic Jamaican “back-in-tha day” party flavor with the added unique flair, that can only be experienced in New York City, arguably the world’s most energetic and exciting metropolis. Louis Grant, Exec. VP of The Irie Jam Media Group describes the collaboration as a “natural progression given the synchronized vision of both entities, Irie Jam Media NY and Quorum Entertainment, Ja”. Grant explains that “the groundswell experienced by the Good Times event held in New York throughout the Boroughs over the past 7 years demands the crescendo provided by joining forces with the well known, and extremely successful Jamaican counterpart event to take this ultimate retro party experience to even higher heights.” Grant guarantees that loyal patrons of the New York Good Times party can expect the usual high quality entertainment offering which is designed to satisfy the demands of even the most discriminating of party goers. Celebrated New York based DJs will skillfully deliver the retro hits of the 70’s, 80’s & 90s at the Mingles Café’s turntables come Friday April 30, starting 10pm. Dubb Master Chris & DJ Roy of Irie Jam 93.5 fm fame, will be joined by the exciting Party Animal DJ Kurt Riley from Fame fm Blazin’ 95 Jamaica. Riley is no stranger to the “Irie Jam fam”, having occasionally co-hosted the very popular Direct Connect radio program simulcast, aired on Irie Jam Radio & Fame FM on seasonal Saturdays.

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