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Categories: Culture, Business, News tries to become the main remittance provider for the Jamaican Diaspora

Xoom Global Money Transfer, available online at, recently brokered a blockbuster partnership with one of Jamaica’s outstanding and most respected financial institutions, Capital & Credit Financial Group Limited, via its remittance arm Capital & Credit Remittance Limited. This exciting partnership provides customers with four times more locations for receiving money in Jamaica and provides immigrant communities in the Diaspora with an easy, convenient and inexpensive way to send money to Jamaica from the comfort of their computers. "Many of us at personally understand what it means to send money to our families living back home. That is why we are proud to make our service more convenient for our loved ones in Jamaica by offering more locations though our new partner Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express,” said Julian King, SVP of Business Development and Marketing at Speaking about the new partnership, Sheron O. Dixon-Brown, General Manager, Capital & Credit Remittances Limited said, " is the first online remittance company that we have worked with at Capital & Credit Remittance Limited. With, the sender goes online, while the recipient collects their cash easily through more than 70 Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express locations islandwide." In addition to cash pick-up service through Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express locations, offers Bank Deposit service to all banks and credit unions in Jamaica, including quicker deposits to NCB and Scotiabank accounts. As part of the roll-out of the service, and Capital & Credit Reggae Money Express have embarked on an integrated media marketing campaign using print, television, radio and online, which will run simultaneously in Jamaica and the Tri-state area, to bring awareness about the advantages of using the service. "We at Capital & Credit are excited to be working closely with to get the word out to our families and friends in the community and we are sure that this collaboration will result in much value-added benefits to our customers," said Michelle Wilson-Reynolds, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Affairs for the Capital & Credit Financial Group Both companies are committed to fulfilling a vital need in the Jamaican Diaspora and this service will provide a premium service that will help Jamaican nationals living here in the United States transfer money back home using quick, secure, convenient and cost effective means. The service is also appealing to internet savvy Jamaicans who find it convenient sending cash while on the go, than the hassles of traffic, parking, limited store hours at agent locations.

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"Recently, this Jamaican won the 10 million special lottery for a dollar. As soon as the office of the Lottery Corporation was open on the following day, he was there to collect his winnings.

Graciously, he presented his winning ticket to the clerk and in his best English uttered his request "Me cum fi collect the 10 millian dallars, si me ticket ya".

After reviewing and checking the ticket with his manager, the clerk returned and requested on how he would like his payments. The Jamaican replied "Mi wan all a de moni now". "Unfortunately, Sir" the nervous clerk responded, "The procedures are that we can only give you one million now and the balance equally over the next 20 years".

Furious and agitated, the Jamaican asked for the manager, who re-iterated "Sir, my assistant is correct, it is the regulation of the corporation that we initially pay you one million dollars now with the balance paid to you equally over the next 20 years".

Outraged, the Jamaican slammed his hand on the desk and shouted in anger, "Oonu tek me fi idiat, me wan all a de moni now or oonu gi me bak me rass dallar!!"


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