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Christmas Ham


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Christmas Ham

Christmas Ham



It’s Christmas countdown, 15 days left for Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year.


I get quite excited especially at this time, because my head starts to tick like clock, as to what and how I will prepare for Christmas dinner and the table layout, running from the breakfront to the linen closet. “ Oh, what a thrill.”


Today, we’ll look at the Christmas preparation and a Christmas drink( separate and apart from sorrel which is a must).

Hams vary from size so I’ll just give some guidelines.

Remember you need to save the ham bone for good ole Gungo  Peas Soup for the new year




Place the ham, fat side up, on a rack in the shallow oven pan.


Bake in a moderately slow oven, allowing 15 -20 minutes per lb. Half an before it is finished, remove the ham from the oven, skin it, pour off the dripping, score the fat in a diamond shapes.


Stick in the whole cloves and pour over it some glaze. Mix together 1 cup brown sugar( 1 teaspoon dry mustard optional) 2 or 3 tablespoons pineapple or orange juice.


Garnish with pineapple and cherry.






10 Eggs


1 cup condensed milk

1 cup evaporated milk

½ tsp grated nutmeg

juice of 2 limes

4 tsps vanilla



Blend all ingredients together. Serve over crushed ice.



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