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Gully/Gaza Feud


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Gully/Gaza Feud

Just when you loose all faith in the police force they do something that makes you have to think again. “Action, not a bag a mouth’, that’s what we all want to see. I don’t know about you but I’m pleased to finally see something being done about the Gully, Gaza feud. It was really getting out of hand. The police are finally tackling the problem from the root which makes a lot of sense.


Apparently the police are preventing all performances involving either of the dancehall artists Adidja Palmer otherwise known as (aka) Vybz Kartel, or David Brooks aka Mavado. I really feel it for the promoters who invest a lot of money into these shows and then have to call them off however the safely of our people is paramount. I wondered about the Usain Bolt party that advertised Vybz Kartel but apparently he did not get to perform either. Which I think is very commendable as the police cannot afford to be bias.  


I think everyone realized that if the feuding was allowed to continue then the anticipated clash at Sting on December 26 this year had the potential to become a physical clash of followers in stead of the usual lyrical clash of artists. Even the Prime Minister, Bruce Golding has had to get involve and is scheduled to meet with the artists Vybz Kartel and Movado today. It’s really a shame when the head of the nation has to get involved with things such as this however the life of every Jamaican is too precious to procrastinate.


The clash of the Gaza and Gully followers on Manning Hill, where persons were left nursing machete and knife wounds is a prime example of the potential the feuding has for violence. Not to mention the rivalry in our schools. In fact recently I have noticed several communities throughout the corporate area where either the word Gaza or Gully has been painted on walls and sidewalks.


Enough is enough. As I heard someone say, both the artist Vybz Kartel and Mavado are milking this for everything they can. We must stop them in every way we can. Stop giving them so much airplay; stop them from performing and giving them the opportunity to motivate their followers. I really wonder if most of these artists realize the influence that they have especially over our young people. Obviously no one has explained to them that with such power comes responsibility. Well I really hope that the talks with both Kartel and Mavado go well today and that finally we can see an end to this Gully, Gaza non-sense.


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