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Festive Season Dinner


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Festive Season Dinner

"Yes mi fren!" My favorite time of year id fast approaching, I can feel the "chrismus breez" in the mornings. By now you should have your fruits, soaking up some good Jamaican Red Label Wine and White Rum (what a piece a fira at Wray & Nephew, can yu imagine if the real stuff had all gone up in smokes, some of us "spirited corna woulda dark).

Hope friends or relatives who visited for Thanksgiving, took some of Wray & Nephew Spirits to add more flavour for the Christmas to the Christmas Dinner Menu. We Jamdowners love to stick to our traditional foods anywhere in the world we go.

Some "food" for thought, start planning the kind of meal your planning to serve, the kind of persons you would be catering to like, diabetics and hypertensive. Start getting your meats have them cleaned up and seasoned freeze until ready for use.

Remember, to invite someone over for Christmas Dinner, itone of the best Christmas gift especially those who don't have family close by.

Walk good, one love, wi catch up.



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St.Peter waved sadly, and poof! Down the chute to the 'Other Place' they went. Then came the Methodist. "Sorry, can't let you in either," said Saint Peter "You abstained from liquor and dancing and cards, but you loved food too much.

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