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Wray & Nephew on Fire


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Wray & Nephew on Fire

In case you havent heard, yesterday the J. Wray and Nephew factory was set ablaze. So large was the fire that seven fire trucks were all on hand to try to put out the flames and there were constant explosions coming from the warehouse which was followed by power outtages, and forcing the authorities to open the toll road to regular traffic so as to prevent too many people from travelling too close to the fire. Instantly all Jamaicans who appreciate the products they produce cringed and some were even drawn to tears as they thought of how the christmas season would be without the rum that is number one choice among party goers, and bakers in the christmas season.

wray an nephew fire** Picture courtesy of Go-Jamaica

I cant deny it, I was one of those people who upon hearing about the fire went into a panic as I thought about a christmas where I would not get to enjoy my mother's egg nog, a tradition that goes back as far as I can remember where Christmas Day starts with Egg Nog with just enough White Rum to wake me up in the morning but still leave mein a mellow mood. Or what about having a dinner without a glass of sorrel spiked with the signature white overproof rum, a drink which I've always been told by my mother to sip like a wine but who's fruit and ginger accented flavour almost makes me want to gulp each time. To have those 2 products made with any other white rum is simply blasphemus and even mere thinking about it makes me shudder.


Or what if after dinner I was to live without the smooth taste of a black scrumptious fruit cake that is normally laced with copious amounts of white rum which is sure to give a kick to anyone who dares to take a bite. All of these things together make drinking on christmas quite challenging because after a meal alone alot of people end up tipsy and to those that are still left standing, more sorrel is always a welcome after dinner drink. It is these things which left alot of people wondering during this the best season of the year, people were forced to wonder "will prices rise?", "will there be a rum shortage?", "how will I bake?", "is everybody alright?", "what about the employees?". Surely a hike in prices, or loss of jobs would definitely not be a welcome effect in this period of economic challenges

But there is a silver lining to all fans of the brand, it seems that in addition to the fact that nobody was hurt, the warehouse and all materials were insured and also:

"General Manager of the Corporate Affairs Division, Greta Bogues said the fire did not impact the warehouses used to store its rum products."

So there you have it, the rum is safe guys. There will be no major loss of jobs and it seems that operations will return to normal after investigations have taken place and rebuilding has commenced. *whew*

white rum

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