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Shopping online from Jamaica


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Shopping online from Jamaica

As most of my readers will realize, I tend to write articles that are based on my opinions/experiences. This is another one of those topics... It regards shopping online from Jamaica. This is something I've been doing for quite a few years now and since the first time I attempted it the level of frustration involved has not eased one bit. More and more I find myself wanting to stab websites for their silly rules which make me have to work extremely hard just to spend my money... Do you realize how silly that sounds? Imagine having to run 5 miles to go to a store to spend your money there, I'm pretty sure you would stop shopping at that store wouldn't you? But this is what we have to go through to buy anything from here. The other silly thing is, due to the internet, we are supposed to be in the whole global marketplace thing, but it seems that Jamaica was left out of that equation and are completely ignored.

The first issue is the payment method. Despite the fact that we can get visa and mastercard and american express cards in Jamaica billed to Jamaica without any issue. It is nearly impossible to use these cards when shopping online. Wat the heck? Why? How does this even make sense? The payment will still be made in US dollars, companies will definitely be payed (I'm sure visa doesnt lack in that area), so why is it that they refuse cards which originate outside of the US?

Then there is also these numerous online bank accounts which have now become available; paypal, google checkout, amazon is coming out with one as well... But these all lack one major flaw, just like a Jamaican credit card, a Jamaican online bank account with US dollars in it is a no-no... It simply baffles the mind really, it's the same money, you will be paid and all you have to do is just ship as per usual. Oh right thats the other thing... shipping.

Alright fine i'll agree its more expensive to ship to Jamaica, theres plane fares and shipping and handling costs and whatever, but most of these are done through a 3rd party (DHL, Fedex) and are billed as a part of the payment... So, yet again its going to go through and it's going to be out of your hands. Why then? Why is it that I cant order and ship and item. Furthermore if its that big and issue to ship it overseas, why can't I choose a destination in the US to ship it to and then sort out how it reaches Jamaica myself? It seems to be pretty simple logic to me.

It wont even make sense to go into how much taxes I have to pay to get the item cleared at customs so that I can have it for my own private use. But the fact still remains the amount of work that goes into online shopping is astounding! Is it that companies dont want my money? Or is it that they dont care about willingly paying customers in Jamaica? Cuz it's not like I'm the only person who wants to buy stuff, I know a few people who know more people and the list goes on. But hey maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

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