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Vybz Kartel Buttons in Schools


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Vybz Kartel Buttons in Schools

Now this is really not something I should probably talk about seeing as there have been official statements and all stating that Vybz Kartel was in no way involved, but this is however an important thing to speak about. I know I havent been very clear about the topic but what has happened recently is this: Vendors outside of schools have been selling buttons featuring a picture of artiste Vybz Kartel, 1 of them is a picture with him with 2 guns that say "calabar engine" or something like that, and "gaza" on the other said. Apparently there are also, gully side buttons as well but there were no pictures available.

Gaza buttons
(Picture is copyrighted to the Jamaica Gleaner)

Now as previously stated Vybz Kartel has said that he is in no way related to or gains any profit from the sale of these buttons, and I'm willing to believe that. However there is something which I think that Vybz Kartel and Movado and all the other proponents of this silly behaviour should understand: YOU ARE HAVING AN INFLUENCE! This argument about parent's responsibility and that Artists should be exempt has become rubbish. Not to say that parents should be exempt from blame, of course they should be able to monitor their children's activities more but what people are forgetting is that it isn't as easy anymore. Technology has made music available in so many mediums it isn't even funny and kids will eventually be exposed. But yet again, this is a topic for a later post.

Back on my point, Artists - your music, your message, your lifestyle it is all influencing kids nowadays. These buttons are just a prime example of that, children are taking this musical (or so they say) warfare, quite serious. It is a serious cause of concern as children continue to fight over something which really should have no effect on their lifestyles.

The buttons have penetrated into schools so much that the government has had to take steps to remove vendors from the gate of schools to protect children. Now I remember vendors, they were very much a part of school life. During school we all had personal relationships with them and I can remember many of them by name ('Miss Morgan' 'Creamy', 'Wingy', 'Rambo' etc), and I personally think they are an important part of schools as they help to expose people to a different lifestyle which of course should be explained to by the parents. But the role of the vendor has changed and they are now another source of things which are harmful to children. Yet again I have strayed off topic (I am very passionate about education).

But the fact remains Artists, children are listening, they are seeing, and they are following. I am not saying you need to stop being creative as that is your right, but maybe you should re-think the message that you are spreading around for all (including children) to hear.

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