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Transparency in government


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Transparency in government

So it seems that our government seems to be having some transparency issues. I say this because due to today's release in the newspapers, it has become obvious to me that we really know nothing at all about exactly what the government is doing when it says that it is doing something. Time and time again we see where suddenly somebody in power has to suffer a case of foot in mouth disease and instead of coming outright and saying "hey this is what happened" they take the childish route and go "but its they're fault" or "I didn't mean to"

This isn't to say that only the current government is at fault in activities. This is quite the opposite, this is to say that the government throughout the years has and continues to be dishonest with the populace.

I say this due to the current releases in the paper which says that the former Governor of the Bank of Jamaica and the former Commissioner of police did not in fact resign, no that would be incorrect information according to the government. No instead what happened was that they both were actually dismissed from their positions. In the case of the former commissioner, the reason given was that he was being ineffective in solving the crime problem... Wait, they expect that this one man has the power to stop crime in Jamaica? I didn't know that Jesus works for the government. How else are we going to get salvation? Not only was this an unrealistic task to give to the commissioner of police, this was also near impossible especially seeing how Jamaica's political climate is tied so closely to crime - Yes I came out and said it, we all know it, people are just afraid to say it.

The Governer of the B.O.J. was a whole other kettle of fish. The reason given for his dismissal has been monetary issues... $38 million worth of monetary issues. You see apparently the governor was raking in $38 million per year and they knew it. This cant have been a surprise to anybody (except the public), because I'm sure the Prime Minister should be privy to information such as that and yet only recently has it become a problem. But this is not the only zinger regarding the governor... if he is dismissed without reason he still gets paid until 2011(wen his contract officially expires). While the government will have to appoint a new head of the B.O.J. and pay him too... so we're wasting more money yet again. Yay our favourite past time. It is for this reason why I say that it seems that both actions are politically linked and are simply just the JLP showing that it is really in power right now.

As the electorate, I believe we deserve to have clear and detailed information on everything that happens in parliament. I would like to even know how much time these ministers spend in the bathroom, just to get a better idea of what is happening because I simply refuse to live in blind ignorance.

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