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First Jamaican to go to the South Pole


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First Jamaican to go to the South Pole

I decided when thinking about what to write today that I would not focus on the continuing political rubbish that is currently taking place in Jamaica currently, and instead I would make a post which would instead lighten the mood for everybody. So news has been ongoing for a while now that some crazy Jamaican has yet again decided that instead of being stuck in "boring" ol Jamaica and our nice tropical climate... They are gonna go as far from Jamaica as possible (ie. the south pole) because... well, it was something to do.

kim marie spenc

So basically a young lady by the name of Kim-Marie Spence is joining up with 7 other ladies from the commonwealth countries of: Cyprus, Ghana, Brunei, New Zealand, India, Singapore and the UK in an expedition to the south pole as a way to mark the 60th anniversary of the commonwealth. Now to most people (especially Jamaicans) reading this, this would seem to be marked with all levels of crazy but hey people have done crazier things.

When Ms. Spence reaches the south pole she will automatically become the first Jamaican to ever reach there, setting her name in record and history books for years and years to come. Kim Marie will also have the double task of inspiring Jamaicans all around that of course anything is possible, just like the Bobsled team did.

The expedition is expected to take 40 days, and during this time the 8 ladies will have to rely on each other and their equipment (tents, dehydrated food, fuel etc) to try to reach the pole and temperatures are expected to drop below -40... The more I type the more I wonder what level of sanity (or the lack thereof) it takes somebody to come to the conclusion to do something like this, but personally I salute you Kim-Marie Spence, you are certainly setting the precedent for more Jamaicans to go into the unknown. I wish you the best of luck.

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