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Pensions for Former Prime Ministers to be linked to the Salary of the Current Prime Minister.


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Pensions for Former Prime Ministers to be linked to the Salary of the Current Prime Minister.

The Government today officially linked the pensions of former Prime Ministers to the salaries of the current Prime Minister. Cabinet had taken the decision to do so since 1992 and has been making payments according however the matter was never brought to Parliament for official approval. Former Governor Generals presently enjoy this arrangement. The Finance Minister, Omar Davis today brought the matter before parliament. He said that the office of Prime Minister deserves no less respect and recognition than that of the Governor General.

Follow up:

The Opposition Leader, Bruce Golding, disagreed with the amendment to the bill. He said that although he acknowledged that it was not appropriate for former Prime Ministers to seek employment after leaving office he thought that the current legal provision was sufficient. Presently former Prime Ministers get two thirds of the current Prime Ministers salaries. He also said that in light of what other senior public officials received the offer was exorbitant. Mr. Golding also criticized the fact that the matter was only now being brought to the house after being done illegally for thirteen year.
Despite the objections by the oppositions the bill was passed on a majority vote.
What I would like to know is, ‘how many ‘former Prime Ministers’ do we have in Jamaica so?’ And how many more can there possible be? Some might ask, ‘who stands to gain from this bill’. Or more importantly ‘Is a precedent being set that could have consequences attached’. Bottom line is, is it really worth all this attention?
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