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Donovan 'Bulbie' Bennett Final Farewell


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Donovan 'Bulbie' Bennett Final Farewell

Yesterday, Sunday November 27, 2005 Donovan ‘Bulbie’ Bennett was buried in Goshen, Clarendon without incident. Since Saturday the police in Spanish Town and the surrounding areas were on high alert for the activities planned for the former gang leader’s final farewell.
Reports are that threats were issued to business operators in the Spanish Town area to close their doors. Bus and taxi operators were told to discontinue their services. Residents were also threatened to be in attendance or face the consequences.

Follow up:

Public viewing of ‘Bulbie’s’ body took place at the De La Vega City community centre from 6:00pm on Saturday. Whether out of respect, curiosity or fear scores of persons turned out. The police had given strict instructions that Saturday’s proceedings were to end at 9:00pm and it did. Reports are that by 10:00pm the crowd had dispersed.
There was a heavy police and military presence on Sunday for the funeral and the motorcade which preceded it. The body was housed in a glass coffin dressed in full white. Reports are that the procession started at about 2:15pm and by 3:30 pm the funeral service was over. Approximately 3000 persons were in attendance. The burial took place in Goshen, Clarendon where the body was entombed in a glass mausoleum.
Donovan ‘Bulbie’ Bennett was a former gang leader who was top of the police’s most wanted list for over ten years. From all reports he lived like a king, was revered like a king and was buried like a king. ‘Who says crime doesn’t pay, or does it’. At age 43 Bennett is dead and from all accounts has lived a great portion of his life in hiding. What we really need in Jamaica are some positive role models for our young people.
Nuff Love.

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