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The Jamaican Economy looks Gloomy

As an ordinary everyday Jamaican with no official financial background except for my own personal finances I do believe that the future of this country is in jeopardy. Maybe I’m missing something but I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel
Today the US dollar dropped further reaching the $64.00 dollar mark. The weighted average selling rate was Jamaican $64.01 for US $1.00. The Canadian dollar sold for Jamaican $54.47 and the pound sterling went for Jamaican $111.98. Unfortunately indications are that further weakening is expected. With the approach of the Christmas Holidays and the heavy demand for foreign currency to replenish stock further weakening of the Jamaican dollar seem imminent.

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After Hurricane Wilma

Finally the rains have stopped. For some of us it’s business as usual, ‘no problems’. Some however are not so fortunate. The flood rains completely destroyed some homes while severely damaging others. There are still communities where the residents are marooned. Landslides, fallen trees and high waters have completely blocked areas forbidding persons from moving about freely. Bridges have collapsed, roads have broken away and fordings are impassable. To add to the frustration water mains in some sections have broken depriving residents of clean water with which to begin putting their lives back together.

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Hurricane Wilma - the Most Intense Hurricane Ever

Hurricane Wilma is now being hailed as the most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic. During the course of last night the pressure dropped to an all time low of 882 mb. Although the eye of the hurricane did not make land fall on Jamaican shores the outer bands were sufficient to cause severe damage island wide.
Heavy rains continued to lash Jamaica for the sixth day straight causing more land slides and flooding out communities. Portmore, Central Village, Old Harbour in St. Catherine and areas in Clarendon are some of the sectors most affected by the rising waters.
Today travellers from Portmore and Spanish Town via the Causeway and Mandela Highway respectively into Kingston suffered delays of four hours and more. Many motorists turned back home after reaching no where fast. Some were actually turned back by the police on the Causeway which became completely blocked.

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Hurricane Wilma Strengthens

After going to bed last night to the ‘pitta patta’ of rain drops, I’m awaken this morning by heavy rumbling. “A wah dat” I cry out sitting up in bed. ‘Thunder” was the calm answer from my husband who obviously had been awake“. “But thunder no roll like that” I said. “You tell Wilma that” he said.
Hurricane Wilma has strengthened overnight from a category 1 to a category 5. Now packing winds of 175 mph the pressure has so far dropped to 884 millibars.
Thanks to ‘good old’ Weather Channel I was able to get this information at 4:30am in the morning. They are calling Hurricane Wilma the strongest hurricane this season with the lowest pressure ever recorded. When I look at the radar picture Jamaica still has quite a bit of those outer bands covering us in red.
Now I can’t sleep. I shudder to think what the continued heavy rains will do to our little island. ‘Pre’ Wilma has already saturated the earth and ‘Post’ Wilma is moving away very slowly. I will keep you posted later.
Nuff Love


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Hurricane Wilma

After five days of persistent torrential rains the system close to Jamaica has become a hurricane, Hurricane Wilma. The good news is that Hurricane Wilma is finally moving away from Jamaica. The bad news is that the outer bands are expected to continue producing heavy rains over the island for the next 24 to 36 hours.
‘Wi cawnt tek no more’. Already the earth is super saturated. Flooding has been reported in many parishes. Some areas have reported up to seven feet of water. Over 300 persons are presently in shelters across the island.

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Caribbean Rising II

Apparently not all the out door events over the Heroes weekend were cancelled.On Sunday, James Bond Beach, Oracabessa, St. Mary came alive with Tempo’s combined Caribbean Rising star studded show. With the persistent rains lashing the island the promoters initially decided to delayed Saturdays show until Monday, Heroes Day. This however was later changed as the decision to combine both Saturday’s Caribbean Rising and Sundays Caribbean Rising II into one mega show.
Some Jamaicans braved the rains and were rewarded with performances from some of Jamaica’s top entertainers. The show started at 8:30pm with Bass Odyssey. Others in the line up included Little Hero, Vybz Kartel, Voice Mail, Leftside and Esco, Toots, Wayne Marshall, Cecile, Busy, Bounty Killer, Buju Banton, Elephant Man, Jimmy Cliff and The Game. There was also a surprise appearance by Tri-state’s Bling Dawg.
Despite the torrential rains the small crowd was not disappointed and endured until early morning. The show ended after 2:30am.
Nuff Love


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Persistent Rain Washout Heroes Weekend

The riva de come down
The riva de come down

‘What a sinting inna di island, since Friday it no tawp rain’. ‘Me naa chat bout no lickle drizzle either, wah we a get feel like starm.’ ‘fi real’. ‘Most of the outdoor events crass the island, washout’.
Apparently on Friday there was a system just southwest of Montego Bay that turned into a tropical depression which caused quite a bit of flooding island wide.

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Heroes Weekend in Jamaica

It’s the long Holiday weekend here in Jamaica and spirits are high. Schools out, Monday is a public holiday and ‘nuff things a gwan’. Whether you are young free and single or married and have a family, there is something happening for everyone. The good thing is that most of the events are free or reasonably priced.
Staring today Friday, October 14 there was a free lunch-hour concert, ’In the Beginning’ at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston featuring Mutabaruka, Ras Jaja, Mbala, Payne, Osakwe, Viva and Aquaba Drummers.

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Jamaica's National Heroes

With all the talk of Heritage week in Jamaica a lot of focus is being given to our National Heroes. These persons Paul Bogle, George William Gordon, Nanny, Samuel Sharpe, Sir Alexander Bustamante, Norman Washington Manley and Marcus Mosiah Garvey all helped to bring about social and political freedom to the people of Jamaica.
Every year we take time out on National Heroes Day to pay homage to our seven heroes.
There is always much excitement created at the National Heroes Park in Kingston as we acknowledge the sacrifices made by these persons. National Heroes Day, Monday October 17, 2005 is fast approaching and I wonder how many of us really remember the true significance of the day. Or do we simply see it as a day off work.

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Cricket lovely Cricket

As the wife of an avid cricket fan I decided a long, long time ago that my life would be a lot happier if I got to know the game of cricket and the people involved. I must confess I’m still struggling with the silly mid ons and silly mid offs but I’m getting there. My greatest involvement is still waking before ‘cock put on him draws’ to prepare cooked lunch for the boys, whenever the West Indies Team plays in Jamaica. However I can’t help but express my disappointment at the state of West Indies cricket today.

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