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Young Jamaicans Represent for Cancer Survivors


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Young Jamaicans Represent for Cancer Survivors

Singer and Songwriter Cherine will be singing a slightly different tune this weekend. On Saturday June 26th Cherine, who takes on the hat of Team Captian , will mobilize a passionate and driven group of young Dancehall- SOULdiers (members of Team Dancehall Soul), to help raise funds for cancer awareness, research and outreach at Jamaica Cancer Society's Relay For Life. .

With several activities planned, Anderson is excited about the prospects. All proceeds of Cherine's EP's "The Introduction-Dubstyle" sold at the event will go towards the outreach efforts. No stranger to giving back to her community, Cherine started her own Reach-One Child Foundation in 2003 and has been helping need-based students with supplies and partial tuition scholarships. Working with the cancer society is a first for Anderson. In addition, she is aware of the seriousness of cancer as well as its effects on patients and their families. Cherine adds "My sister Natoya was the one who told me about the event. We lost both our grandmother's to the battle but on a positive note, I know many more people who are survivors. Early detection gives everyone a better chance at fighting this thing so I am committed to doing all I can to help with the JCS's outreach initiative especially for people who can't afford to be screened and tested. " .

Team Dancehall Soul is comprised of members as young as nine years of age to retirees. While some members know firsthand about the disease others are on board for moral and emotional support. Cherine's sister Natoya Morrison, who also works with her management team, shares "Support from family is extremely important, and this is the major reason that we've been supporting the event over the years. Part of the proceeds help to fund support groups for both the victims and their families." .

Relay For Life is a unique, fun and challenging fundraiser that reaches into our communities to bring together neighbors, friends, work associates and families to celebrate those who have survived cancer and to remember those who have not. The concept involves a team of walkers/runners competing against each other with the intent of raising the most money. This year's Relay For Life will be held on Saturday, June 26th at the Police Officers club on Hope Road, with activities staring at 6pm. It is an overnight event because "cancer never sleeps."

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