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Dudus Captured and extradited... Al Miller, Idiot


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Dudus Captured and extradited... Al Miller, Idiot

I could have written about this a little earlier, but I prefer normally to wait until the smoke clears before I give my opinions on any form of really important happenings, and what happened on Tuesday was one of those really important happenings. Exactly one day after my last post where I stated outright that Dudus is still at large, I was being contacted through email and my phone that Dudus was now in Police custody. I knew better than to take this news as a joke as it has been proven time and time again that my word of mouth news is normally more accurate than the official news.really backward

Dudus safe**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

Needless to say it was right, and Christopher Dudus Coke was in fact now in police custody. The account of his capture still has about 3 different versions, but for the most part the essence of the story was, he was caught in a spot check while traveling from an unknown location to Kingston in the company of the Reverend Al Miller... but more on that part later. Once the police had gotten hold of him he was treated with the utmost security and secrecy as he was taken to an undisclosed location, so the shootout and war that most people expected didnt happen... as a matter of fact he was captured wearing a wig and really looking quite non-threatning.

Dudus in wig**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

He was quickly given what can only be described as the quickest court date in the history of independent Jamaica, in a make shift court that was created just for this occasion due to security concerns, where he waived his rights to have a trial locally and stated that he wanted to be extradited straight to the US, in a statement by the strongman, he said that while he does believe that he could have argued his case successfully locally, he wanted to argue his case in the US to fully prove his innocence.

After he signed his extradition papers things really began to sped up as a private Learjet with US Marshalls and Drug Enforcement Agency Officials was on its way to Jamaica to carry Dudus to New York to face trial. Needless to say, the journey from the court to the airport was also quite the secure one, as under full army guard he was transported to the airport and is now in New York safely. One must commend the JDF and the police for their excellent work in ensuring his safe passage, though to be honest I didnt think they would have faced any trouble as this seemed to be exactly the way Dudus wanted it. My only hope now is that during this case, if Dudus really does have evidence against many of our politician's corruption (after all the possibility exists that he actually has none at all), he will begin to sing like a church choir and put all of these people to justice. I also hope that his trial is as fair a trial as possible, because after all a man must have the chance to properly prove his innocence.

Dudus in New York**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

However my article does not end there. There is now one pressing matter that is on my mind and that is the actions of one Reverend Al Miller. Most of the accounts of the story of Dudus' capture state that he was being escorted by Al Miller, and Al in fact gave a statement from the onset that he was actually planning to carry Dudus to the American embassy and hope that he will be safely carried to the US. Now I am sure anybody who has the ability to read and comprehend will understand from the onset that there was a number of things wrong with his actions, chiefly being that he was breaking the law! There are no ifs, ands, or buts here, the man was carrying a known fugitive of the law away from our local police.

Even if as he stated he was planning to hand up Dudus, one does not simply drive pass 2-3 police stations to carry the man into the custody of the police. Also you cannot while inside of Jamaican jurisdiciton try to have this man placed in another jurisdiction within which he doesn't belong, it just does not happen. Needless to say Al Miller was eventually arrested and charged for Harbouring a fugitive, and preventing the course of justice. However I think they forgot to charge him for public stupidity, but thats just my opinion.

Al Miller Interrogation**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

What also disturbs me about the Al Miller situation is the fact that after listening to some talk radio for the past couple of days, people have been coming to his defence... This is yet another showing of my belief that our Jamaican society is really backward in their thoughts. People believe that just because he is a man of the cloth he should be treated differently, and that he can do no wrong. Well I have some news for you, while he is living on the earth he is still bound by the laws of the land.

However it would seem that the saga of Dudus in Jamaica has drawn to a close, one can now only look towards the trial to see what will come to light and what will happen to Dudus.

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