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Jamaica’s State of Emergency – Day 2


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Jamaica’s State of Emergency – Day 2

May 24, 2010:

This morning I awoke to news of continued incidents of violence in Jamaica. Personally I have not seen or heard any signs of anything from where I am, above Hope Road, only the occasional helicopter flying overhead. However based on news reports the anarchy has spread to beyond down town.

The new reporters have been doing a sterling job keeping the nation updated with up to the minute footage of incidents as they unfold. (I think I’m watching CNN). Reports are that six police men were shot two fatally, on Mountain View Road last night after responding to a lady who was herself shot while driving on that road. The Cross Roads police station was also shot up last night. So far there are no reports of any casualties from that incident. Road blocks have been mounted on Red Hills Road since yesterday and there has been continuous sporadic gun shots heard in that area. Hagley Park Road has had break-in to some commercial properties and gun shots have been exchanged between burglars and police men. Several road blocks have been mounted in the Spanish Town area and gun shots are being heard on and off. There are also reports of gun shots coming from Marcus Garvey Drive, Mannings Hill Roard, White hall Avenue, August Town and on the Water Front down town.

Despite all these horror stories, most people are trying to go about their lives, cautious but determined not to allow the lawless elements in our society to win.  The Airports Authority has repeatedly advertised that the Kingston airport is open for business and flights are going and coming without incident.  CXC and other vital regional examinations scheduled for today are still being held. Labour Day projects are still being executed. In fact while on the phone with one friend I heard her imploring her son who was on his way to Dover in St. Ann for the races scheduled today to be careful.

Personally I plan to stay at home today. "Coward man keep sound bone". The news had reported a meeting between the US Embassy and ‘Dudus’ lawyers for 10:00am today. We are all hoping that the out come of that meeting will offer a solution to the present situation. So far we have not gotten any word on the status of that meeting. Otherwise, the situation seems to be escalating.  It was just reported that the security forces have now gone in to Tivoli Gardens in an attempt to apprehend Christopher “Dudus’ Coke and restore order.

Stay tuned I will continue to keep you updated as I get it.

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