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Mr. Prime Minister... Please Resign


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Mr. Prime Minister... Please Resign

Ok I think the topic is pretty much self explanatory, I simply believe that right now there is no other choice. All of the months of news gathering and speculation and frustration in parliament has finally come to a halt and Prime Minister Bruce Golding has admitted that the entire extradition and Manatt Phelps and Phillips Saga was sanctioned by none other than him... acting under his "party hat". Now when I saw party hat of course I dont mean a literal hat that you wear at or get at parties, no I am simply paraphrasing what Bruce stated in parliament, as he said that he did not sanction the help under the name of the government of Jamaica, but under the Jamaica Labour Party.

Bruce letter**Taken from Jamaica Gleaner

I'm sure all my intelligent readers are now sporting a confused look on their face, similar to what one would hold if I simply typed a bunch of jumbled letters and called it a sentence. There is an obvious paradox in what he is saying and we all seem to know it except him. How can one simply wash hisself of responsibility for his actions, by stating that it wasn't done on behalf of his position, but on behalf of what gave him his position? Imagine a policeman stating that when he arrested somebody (even though he is on duty and in uniform), he wasn't acting as a police officer at the time and was instead making a citizen's arrest. One must then ask, how exactly am I to know when you are acting as party leader, and as country leader?

The extremely funny thing about this entire debacle is that just a few years ago, Bruce when accusing the PNP of illegally signing a lucrative contract with trafigura, stated so eloquently that there is no way to differentiate between your party hat and your government hat while you are in power. TVJ made sure to highlight this statement of his at the beginning of the news on Wednesday further cementing the fact that our current prime minister is really only describable by one word.

flip flop

Now the reason why I state that Bruce's only current available action is to resign is this. How can I now put my trust in a leader who is simple going to bend the rules whenever he feels that it is necessary to do so? How can I trust a leader who currently clearly has no moral authority to fight against crime? He has none, because he himself has done a criminal act by trying to protect somebody accused of being nothing less than Jamaica's number one criminal. Jamaica's current and previous government extradited people by the bucketfuls until this one person was requested and then all of a sudden, something changed and extradition is out of the question... why? The only reason why he is being requested is to put him on trial, it is not as if the US government has a trained firing squad at the ready to kill him as soon as he lands, they're going to give him a full criminal trial.

Bruce wrong**Taken from Jamaica Observer

All in all the implications of this admission by the prime minister stretch far beyond what I can put in a discussion here. Of course the next major question is what else has Bruce lied about? How are we to know that anything he has done in parliament was actually done and wasn't just his idea of an April Fools joke to Jamaica? Currently the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (and also the Jamaica Exporters Association and Jamaica Manufacturers association and others) have had to stop their discussion on creating a "Partnership for Transformation", this is because this partnership was to create a social contract with the government for ways to agree on ways to look at the rule of law, fiscal performance and employment strategies. However like the rest of Jamaica, I am sure that the PSOJ and company are finding it hard to agree with Bruce on anything at the moment.

The entire country has now lost its entire confidence in Bruce golding, he is not worthy of leading Jamaica in any aspect internationally and there is only one way for him to fully atone for what he has done, and that way is to tender his resignation. Nobody who willfully protects criminals can state to me that he really wants to fight crime in Jamaica, no one who lies in parliament can try to tell me what is right and wrong and can never gain my trust. I now have no qualms against calling Bruce a Lier of massive proportions - I would call him some other things but I do not think it would be appropriate.

Bruce Golding and your corrupt party, please resign not just from your current posts but from the life of politics.

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