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Power to investigate themselves taken from Police


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Power to investigate themselves taken from Police

Breaking news, the government has done something intelligently... this must mean that Bruce isn't there, after all that's completely against his nature. But what has happened was that an act was passed called the Independent Commission of Investigations act, which will take the power of self investigation from the police. If you are anything like me you are probably wondering why wasn't this act passed 40 years ago? How smart do you have to be to understand that independent investigations are more effective than investigations  done by the body that is being investigated? That would be like arresting a murderer and telling him to research his own crimes and then bring his findings to you so that you can then put him in prison... See how retarded that sounds? So yes I place blame for this on both parties which have ever held government power in Jamaica.

The bill which was passed will essentially create a body similar to the Internal Affairs you always hear about in corrupt cop movies and gives this body alot of power which just plain makes sense. It also gives this new body alot of power which includes the ability to take charge and preserve the scene of any incident; and also the ability to investigate not only policemen and their conduct but also the conduct of members of the Jamaica Defence Force and any other agents of the state. No really I am shocked, this has too much intelligence put into it.

The act also means a few other things for this newly established commission, including:

The establishment of regional offices of the commission which will be headed by a commissioner and deputy commissioner; procedures for members of the public to make complaints to the commission regarding incidents of misconduct by the security forces and other agents of the state; and methods of handling complaints, including informal resolution and dispute resolution.

So this is a good thing right? I mean we (Jamaica) have always been getting complaints from various Human rights lobby groups such as Jamaicans for Justice about the fact that the police force has too much autonomy over its investigations. There has also been complaints that policemen make it a habit of theirs to purposefully plant evidence to make themselves look better, and also mess up crime scenes as they see fit to protect their fellow police officers.

Well I thought so too... so I re-read the observer article to find what was the catch here and then it dawned upon me, " Both (meaning commissioner and deputy commissioner) will be appointed by the governor general, after consultation with the prime minister and the leader of the opposition." This is adding to yet another frustration I have with the government and that is that they keep sticking their noses inside all the "independent" bodies. This does not make them truly independent. I am pretty sure (I am yet to read the act), that the same way the person was put into power, he can also be shuffled from power with the simplest of ease, and this is a problem.

My suggestion is this, make the position really and truly independent, if we are to vote the person(s) into power then lets do that, we can just have a mini campaign during general election time. Or even better yet we have numerous Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's) around, how about they have a part in the selection process and we give this person some tenure? Heck if needs be import more scotland yard police officers to head up the commission, however I do not agree that the leaders of government have to have some say in who is elected to head this soon to be important commission.

However I wont be too negative. It is a good move by the government so good job guys!

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