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The new Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor Mr. Brian Wynter refutes Reports


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The new Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor Mr. Brian Wynter refutes Reports

The new Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor Mr. Brian Wynter has now come out and said that some of the reports published re his working agreement are inaccurate. He did not challenge the actual salary published (so that part must be true) however he states that he only goes home on weekends (poor baby). And that his living arrangement at the Courtleigh Hotel is only temporary.  


Well, we would not want the big man to live in squalor, now would we? How much will it cost to get him somewhere and fix to his liking can be anyone’s guess, J$60,000,000.00 or maybe J$72, 000,000.00 when we include the fencing. Remember as long as you are getting value for money, it’s worth it. How do you know which school he attended, could have been Hartford, or how long he spent there. Shame on you Jamaica.


Quite frankly I’m fed up. All I can hear these days is how individuals are getting away with my hard worked tax dollar while I suffer to make ends meet. And the excuse is the same every time, It’s not my fault. That’s not the point. The people put the government in because they claimed they had a plan to fix things. Where is the plan, Mr. Golding? To set up your friends in high places, whether they can do the job or not?


The Prime Minister, Bruce Golding has said that with the signing of the IMF agreement will come immediate tax increases. Not even next fiscal year, but immediately. Which means that right after we sign with the IMF them tek over Jamaica? Once again this country will have to do whatever the IMF says, whenever the IMF says so.


Well Mr. Wynter Jamaica is waiting to see what kind of deal you negotiated for us with the IMF. Whatever you negotiated with Mr. Golding re your personal package, more power to you. Since he is ‘hell bent’ on giving away our hard earned tax dollar to a few individuals, why not you. In the meantime Jamaica waits to hear our faith at your hands.


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