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Sweet Deal for Brian Wynter new Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor


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Sweet Deal for Brian Wynter new Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) Governor

The evidence that the present Government is clueless continues to mount. Here it is you have a worker with a good proven track record. He knows his stuff and is respected by his peers internationally. You are in the middle of major negotiations that will affect your entire nation, negotiations that will benefit form the experience and exposure of this individual. Not to mention the benefits that can be derived by the respect he already commands from those with whom the negotiations are taking place. ?And what does this government do, or rather what does the Prime Minister, Bruce Golding do; he fires the man, Derick Latibeaudiere. Why? Because him getting too much money.


OK, so what’s the new plan? The new plan is to give Mr. Latibeaudiere’s five day a week job to Mr. Brian Wynter who lives in Barbados. Mr. Wynter arrives at Norman Manley Airport in Kingston, Jamaica at 12:35pm on a Tuesday. Let’s say he takes one hour to clear immigration, customs and dive to work (could be a tall order, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt). That is providing BWIA (But Will It Arrive) flight BW414 is on time. Mr. Wynter starts work at 1:35pm on a Tuesday. Then on a Thursday, the BWIA flight departs Kingston at 2:05pm. Check in is suppose to be at least 2 hours before departure, right, therefore Mr. Wynter needs to leave his desk at BOJ at the latest 11:30am to dive to the airport and check in (after all, only Air Jamaica calls back or hold flights for government passengers).


So, Mr. Wynter is working for approximately 2 days a week for a whooping salary of J$14.5 million a year, gets an exclusive Hotel suite at his disposal at no cost to him, travels (I’m sure first class) each week to the island. Now if that is not a sweet deal, I don’t know what is. Who pays, you and I, the tax payer. Not to mention, dawg news paper “rumors’ have to say that General Consumption Tax (GCT) is going to 25% cross the board. (Do lawd, no mek da one de tru. We caan tek no more).


Well what do you expect with a novice who is hardly even here at the helm. I don’t know about you but whenever I travel is a all day thing. I have to ‘sike up’ myself. So even if a go to work for a part of the day, not much is done at work. How much can Mr. Wynter really achieve in one day, for as far as I can see that’s all we are getting from him for the nuff, nuff money whe him a get.


Personally the way I see it Mr. Bruce Golding sell us a six (6) for a nine (9) and clearly believes that we all don’t have any sense. At this rate Jamaica is very quickly heading for a crash for the driver is clearly out of control. Crowd a people, pray, for only prayers can help we now. A good driver would also help. We all expected a bumpy ride but it long pass that now.


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