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Gully-Gaza Meeting with the Prime Minister


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Gully-Gaza Meeting with the Prime Minister

*sigh* I have to write about this rubbish again. Gaza and Gully, Kartel and Movado etc. It has always happened through all the eras of dancehall and they all culminate with clashes at Sting. People will remember the Shaba and Ninja Man clashes that took place, the Beenie man and Bounty Killer, Stichie versus ... papa san... or was it professor nuts? I dont remember. Anyway its a part of the dancehall culture, there will be two top artists at some point in time and they will verbally abuse each other up to sting and then at sting they will lyrically battle each other with one winner.

However this kartel vs movado thing that has been going on has taken this to another level. As I said before it has always happened and it's a part of dancehall culture however now we see these clashes moving beyond simple lyrical disputes to the level where factions were built that were literally and psychologically at war with each other. For the greater part of 2009 (and 2008) almost every song that was released from a member of kartel's camp or movado's camp was some fuel to already burning fire of war which then grew beyond the control of the artists as discussed in previous articles. This thing even got to the point where people feverishly defended their artists and violent clashes were rumoured to be taking place all over Jamaican regarding Gaza and Gully activities.

In fact this feud got to the point where the Prime Minister had to get involved... Yes I can see the questioning looks on your faces as you read this and the furrowed brows, but the Prime Minister of Jamaica Bruce Golding has decided that he should have a meeting to discuss ways to end this conflict and to return the two people to peace.  The mere fact that Bruce decided to hold this meeting has been attacked by many people as a Bad Idea and by some people that it is even a good idea as this needed to be sorted out so that we could return to our regularly scheduled programmes. Personally I'm with the bad idea camp here.

How in heavens name can you the Prime Minister get yourself involved in a petty squabble between two artists? Dont you have an economy to worry about. Isn't Jamaica's current debt problem so great that next year you have absolutely no idea how to pay the public sector workers? Aren't you currently negotiating to get a loan from the IMF to help bolster the economy? Isn't our economy already crime ridden and in a downward spiral that doesn't seem like it will end anywhere except with Jamaica sinking to nothingness? Knowing all of this what the hell are you doing calling a meeting because two people are having a quarrel.

observer picture - Picture gotten from the observer.**

If it's that big a deal why not simply call up the commissioner of police... oh wait there isnt one is there... ok call up the acting commissioner, tell him to arrest the two of them, put them in jail for disturbing the peace and then ban all radio stations from playing their music unless they clean up their acts? Wait was that too simple? I'm guessing this is among the acts that you want to be remembered for, I can see it now "Bruce Golding, the man who ended gaza-gully conflict (no, not even the one in the middle east)".

The mindset of these people is mind boggling, no wonder they've been so useless. Wait let's not get them started, all they'll do is blame our problems on the previous government instead of trying to fix it. Well thanks alot Bruce, thanks for fixing a problem which should've been non-existent in the first place


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