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Latibeaudiere Speaks


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Latibeaudiere Speaks

Ok so finally (as I predicted in a previous post) Mr. Latibeaudiere has come out and made a statement regarding his resignation and as expected it clears up some things for us the reading public, of course there is a chance that the past governor is in fact lieing but being the person I am I will give him the benefit  of the doubt.

"I am bemused that Government fires me for a contract that Government gave me," Lati-beaudiere said yesterday morning on the radio pro-gramme 'Real Business' on Power 106FM.

"I have been in there for 36 years and seven months and I am told to leave with immediate effect! That is the treatment that you mete out to a criminal."

derick latibeaudiere

Ok it starts out here and quite frankly to me this is definitely true. I have sources inside the BOJ who told me that the man was literally escorted off the compound under guard and everything (maybe they were exaggerating) but to be honest the man's resignation and subsequent removal from power happened in under 2 days. I have never heard of anything like this happening for a position such as this unless the person died.

Regarding his $14.2 million dollar salary (with additional perks adding up to $23.8 million) Mr. Lati (I cant bother typing his name anymore) said: no point did he ever collect a cent in allowances for rent, maintenance or lease. "I did not take it!" Latibeaudiere said.

"I was still anticipating discussions with the minister of finance."

In addition, Latibeaudiere has rejected Golding's claim that hours before his dismissal he wrote to the finance minister demanding that the rental obligations be met or else the matter would head to the court.

He also added in the interview that he had a very cordial relationship with Mr. Golding and that at any point in time he could have called him and they could've off the records discussed any issues that he suddenly realized. To me this also seems quite fair, I mean if you're telling me the Prime Minister of Jamaica doesn't have the governor of the Bank of Jamaica on speed dial then I would have to question the knowledge of the PM, this to me should be one of the things you get the instance you are sworn into power.

To me however this does seem to set some things straight, and if it doesn't it should get all Jamaicans thinking about the decisions which were made by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet.

Now where is the Hardley Lewin reply...

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