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Mass Resignations


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Mass Resignations

So, I decided to wait a little bit before posting because I was hoping more information would have come about by the time I wrote this, but unfortunately there hasn't been much. However to get straight to the point, this past weekend has been marked with the resignation of both the Commissioner of Police (Rear Admiral Hardley Lewin) and the Governor of Jamaica's Central Bank (Derick Latibeaudare), and some of the people in the finance ministry as well. Now you may be confused and ask me, why I would label my post as mass resignations when only 2 people have resigned, but you would then ignore the scale of both jobs.

The Commissioner of Police is THE head of the police force. There is nobody above him except the Member of Parliament in charge of national security and the prime minister and governor general. He's the go to guy, the real mckoy, etc., and he just up and quit. The next question which would of course be important is "why?", and then this would normally be answered by "in a statement from the former commissioner .....", but guess what, none of the above happened.

We can all speculate that the government and the commissioner were at ends with each other and he decided to say "screw it, I'm going home", but we have no proof of this. This is a statement without any facts to back it up. However I do have one interesting tidbit of information, in a clip today on a local radio station a statement was made by a government minister saying that they were and have always been dissatisfied with Lewin's performance. Wait what? Why was this never communicated to the public before now then? Is this some feeble attempt to slander Lewin's name to save face by the government? Poor show guys. The other thing is, I dont think its a matter of Lewin becoming frustrated by the crime problem or anything like that, mainly because... well he's a soldier. Have you ever dealt with a soldier before? Literally THE most stubborn people on the planet, and you are telling me the head of the army (I would assume the king of stubborn... of course among his other qualities), just quit because he's frustrated...? Sounds fishy.

The other issue at hand is the governor of the bank of Jamaica. Yet again this is the head honcho here, if he decides that he wants all the money in Jamaica wired to his private bank account, he could probably do it. Yet... he quit. Wait what? Yet again no explanation. All critical thinking people out there would therefore ask what the heck is happening out here?! Have we all gone crazy or something? He has been the governor for quite some time now, through thick and thin, 2 gas crises', the creation of finsac, and the devaluation of the dollar from roughly 30 to a US dollar to now 90... and he quits in the middle of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, the same body that royally screwed Jamaica in the 80's and 90's and somehow we are still trying to negotiate with them... but that's for another post I wont go too far into that.

So now we have the country going into a period that can only be described as "getting screwed part 2: finishing the job", and the people on top seem to be making their way out. Oh just to add, thanks to the governor leaving, the country's financial rating according to standard and poor has also fell to a CCC, to understand this better, just imagine a credit rating of 120 and how much you can do with it. I try to be very objective in my views... but maybe just maybe we should just ask the people in power to follow the example of Latibeaudare and Lewin and get the hell out of government...

Just something to think about...

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