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20 Days to Christmas


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20 Days to Christmas

Today is December 04, exactly 20 days before Christmas. Are you on track with your preparations? I must confess, I’m getting there in some quarters, behind on some however I’ve cheated in others. Sorry but you will find True Juice sorrel in my fridge.


The house part is coming nicely. My linen closet of hidden treasures revealed wonders. All that was needed is freshening up, washing and pressing. My helper and I have started the spring cleaning and by next week we should be ready to pretty up. The window cleaning through burglar bars is no fun. My helper she, give me the hardest task to do. I hear you, who is in charge? Believe me, she is. But she takes such good care of me and my family that she has become family.


The food part of the preparations is half and half. The fruits have been bought and are now soaking in preparations for baking next weekend. I have been lazy though with the sorrel drink so I turned to True Juice. I plan to remedy that this week end with my first batch of home made sorrel. Some nice local ginger out now and quite reasonably priced. I’m getting my pork leg this week to get cured. I also plan to get some chickens done as well.


The gift part of things is proving to be quite challenging. What a way toys expensive. I went to Sangster’s Book Stores Ltd. to get some glitter, cartridge paper and glue to start making some decorations for the Christmas tree with the children (by the way the children are enjoying making the decorations) and Sangster’s are having a 50% discount sale on selected item. I managed to get a couple gifts there but I think most of the others will be getting clothes. I plan to get a natural tree I quite prefer those. It gives the house a nice smell during the Christmas, and yes ‘nuff’ clean up after when it starts to shed. I definitely will give that job to the helper.


All in all, I hope things are shaping up for you all. I know a little extra money would help. I tried cash pot last week but it neva helped, so we just have to keep looking for the bargains. The festive season is certainly here though. There are so many parties going on (and dem don’t cheap). All the younger’s want to go to Usain Bolts 9.58 party tomorrow Dec 05, at Richmond Park, St Ann. Personally I don’t know how some of these artist going to split up themselves. For instance I see where Etana (I like her, she can sing) is to appear at the Reggae Marathon Finish line victory Party in Negril as well as at Usain’s Party in St. Anns on the same night. Personally I’d like to go to the Mek Wi laaf for Best Care show at the Pegasus on Sunday. Mi haffi go start drop word.


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