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Vybz Kartel - Pierced tongue???


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Vybz Kartel - Pierced tongue???

More controversy in the dancehall as it seems that the artist known as Vybz Kartel has pierced his tongue... or so the rumours say. Personally I dont know, I've seen the video and I dont know... it looks fairly sticky on the teacher's side as I'm pretty sure I see something that looks like a tongue piercing in his mouth. But I really dont think he could be that stupid.

For all who dont know, Vybz Kartel is a top artist in dancehall currently and he is well known for his sexually provocative and also his aggressive badman lyrics as well. Now another thing I should add for people who dont know as well, is that once you portray yourself as a badman, there are certain things you just dont do. And if you are brave enough to actually do it, you make sure nobody else knows you did it because that can tear apart credibility and in Jamaica and as a Dancehall artist, credibility is key!

With that in mind lets go back on the issue at hand, would Kartel really pierce his tongue? I have to wonder, you see dancehall artists are not exactly known for their intelligence, and while there is nothing wrong with piercing one's tongue (after all its your mouth and your choice). one has to look at the connotations attached to piercing the tongue. The first of such connotation is that anybody who pierces their tongue openly practices oral sex. This is not just a Jamaican thing, this is a world wide thought.

BUT, oral sex is something that a badman just doesn't do. That's a career ending activity right there(just a few levels above being a homosexual), in fact the mere act of insinuating that somebody participates in oral sex is enough to get somebody ridiculed publicly. So knowing this, Vybz Kartel being in the position he is in, cannot afford to be associated with "bow-cats" (nickname for people who participate in oral sex).

Simple deduction states that anybody with half a brain wouldn't do such a thing as pierce their tongue knowing this... But the video says something else.

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