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Woman Time Now


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Woman Time Now

“Woman time now.” These are the words on most Jamaican’s lips since February 25, 2006 when Portia Simpson Miller was declared the next leader of the People’s National Party (PNP) and Prime Minister Designate. Both men and women seem delighted with the choice for the next Prime Minister of Jamaica. Many even agree that Mrs. Simpson Miller is not the “brightest” candidate however they believe her heart is in the right place.
Is “heart” enough to lead a nation? One question on everyone’s lips is, why has Mrs. Simpson Miller been allowed to participate in politics all these years if she was not qualified. PHD or not she has been one of the most ‘visible’ and ‘vocal’ politicians in all the ministries that she has served.

Follow up:

Anther burning question, is why didn’t Mrs. Simpson Miller help to steer the country away from some of the disasters we now face as a nation? In fact why didn’t any of the candidates for the head of the PNP do more for the country over the past 14 years while the party has been in power? After all they have all held major roles for many years.
If not Mrs. Simpson Miller then who is the alternative? What of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP)? Many have lost all faith in the leader of the opposition who seems to put his foot deeper into his mouth each time he opens it. Is there someone else in the JLP that has the Jamaican people’s trust? Have the JLP demonstrated that they are ready to take the reigns?
Again I ask is “heart” enough to take this beautiful land we love out of the rut that it has fallen into. If “intelligence” is all it takes why are we not better off as a nation? In the meantime everyone agrees that Jamaica needs a change. Is a woman leader the answer? Only time will tell.
Keep praying.
Nuff love

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