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Weekly Rap-up January 23 – 28, 2006


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Weekly Rap-up January 23 – 28, 2006

Monday January 23, 2006
 On Friday Dale Stavrose, of Violet Avenue, Kingston 6 was sentenced in the Half Way Tree Criminal Court to three years imprison on several counts of extortion. Stavrose who had attempted to extort cash from several business persons in the corporate area was caught in the act during a sting operation by the Organized Crime Investigation Division.

 A new tertiary facility, The World Institute of Medial Services has been granted a charter by the government to establish a campus in Jamaica. The Institution is scheduled to invest about $640 million (US$10 million) in its local operation and is expected to open in September.

 On Saturday, five persons were murdered by the gun in the Kingston 13 area. Three persons, two men and a woman were shot and killed on Langard Avenue. One man was shot and killed on Waltham Park Road and a businessman was found with gun shot wounds on Berwick Road. He later succumbed to his injuries and died while undergoing treatment at the Kingston Public Hospital. The police theorize that the killings were likely gang reprisals.

Tuesday January 24, 2006
 The bauxite mining company Jamalco has started work on a new road at Harmons which will connect sections of the community marooned by a lake that surfaced after the continuous heavy rains last year 2005. The lake which is being fuelled by underground springs has covered roads, cut off electricity and clean water and still appears to be rising. Several families have had to abandon their homes and residents are blaming the bauxite mining and blasting which they claim has disturbed the underground water table. Experts from the Water Resources Authority (WRA) have said that they expect the water levels to peak soon. They believe that the flooding is as a result of the extraordinary amount of rain over a prolonged period and have sited records which confirm similar flooding in Harmons long before bauxite mining.

 During an operation on Monday by members of the Professional Standard Branch and the Flying Squad detectives at a garage on Phidds Road in Kingston 13, three motor vehicles were seized. Two of the vehicles which had their license plates removed were stolen. Reports are that a cop who was arrested last year in connection with a stolen car ring is believed to be involved. Two men who were picked up during the operation were also held for questioning.

Wednesday January 25, 2006
 According to the Ministry of Labour, Jamaica received just under $700 million Jamaican dollars (US 10.8million) or 20 percent of the gross earnings of Jamaicans on overseas work programme last year despite the cap on the number of Caribbean workers allowed into the United States under the H-2B programme. The H-2B is the overseas work programme in North American hotels.

 The House of Representative has approved a Resolution for the government to consider legislation to discourage the theft of cellular phones. The legislation would make it illegal for anyone to tamper or adjust the International Mobile Equipment identification number of mobile GSM phones; make it compulsory for all service provider to participate in a national database of all cell phones in the island, which would be connected with other GSM mobile service providers internationally through the GSM association; ensure that all GSM units which have been blacklisted in the database are barred from local networks; and ensure that in the event of theft, the instrument can be shut down or blocked by the service provider upon request by owner, once ownership can be established. The Commerce, Science and Technology Ministry in conjunction with the security forces and the providers will now need to prepare the appropriate drafting instructions for the legislation in keeping with the recommendation of the motion for approval by Cabinet before it is returned to the House for consideration.

Thursday January 26, 2006
 The Jamaican Defense Force Engineering Regiment and Operation Kingfish operatives on Thursday morning destroyed an illegal airstrip in Braes River, St. Elizabeth. The runway was wired with explosives that made 12 large craters on the surface. Inspector Steve Brown, Information officer attached to Operation Kingfish said that this action was taken based on reports that the airstrip was being used to traffic illegal drugs This is the forth airstrip to be destroyed in recent months. The others were Lilliput, St. James; Hector’s River, Portland; and Four Paths, Clarendon.

 The Nightingale Grove Citizens Association in Ct. Catherine has found a lawyer to represent them in their case against the St. Catherine Parish Council and Bushy Park Estate Limited regarding the flooding in the housing scheme. President of the Association, Samuel Clunis has produced several documents which reveal that in 1974 both the Ministry of Agriculture and the Town Planning Department objected to the development. Due to the heavy rains in October 2005 the nearby Cobourne River went into spate, flooding several homes in the scheme.

Friday January 27, 2006
 Local Government Elections are due this year and Mayor of Kingston, Desmond McKenzie who had three years ago vowed to serve only for one term as Mayor is now reconsidering. Mr. McKenzie has indicated his willingness to stay on if he is given the opportunity has there are specific programmes which he would like to complete.

 During a raid in St. Catherine the Area five police held one of the two men who had robbed teachers at the Eltham Early Childhood Centre on Monday. A pistol was taken from the suspect, whose name has not been released. He is to face an identification parade next week. Since the incident, security has been ‘stepped up’ at the school.

 The young Reggae Girls dream of becoming the first Caribbean nation to qualify for the women’s under – 20 World Cup crumbled when they were beaten 4 – 1 by host Mexico in the third place playoff of the Concacaf qualifying tournament. The World Cup tournament will take place in Russia later this year from August 16 to September 02. Canada, United States and Mexico will represent Concacaf in Russia.

Saturday January 28, 2006
 After 18 months the National Works Agency (NWA) is to repair the Ginger Hill/Pisgah main road in Northwest St. Elizabeth damaged during the passage of Hurricane Ivan. Following the collapse of a section of the road in 2004, repairs have been delayed due to heavy rains during 2005. More than $20 million is to be spent and repairs are expected to be completed by the end of March. The roadway also serves as an alternative route from St. Elizabeth to Westmoreland and St. James.

 Councillor for the Petersfield Division of the Westmoreland Parish Council, Laumand Senior has called on the Land Environment Minister Dean Peart to say when the residents of Roaring River will be relocated. Pollution of the Roaring River by the hundreds of squatters living near the river and within the watershed that supports it has been a source of major concern for some time. At least eighty five percent of the water consumed in Westmoreland daily is supplied by the Roaring River treatment plant. An announcement was made in June 2005, by Harry Douglas, State Minister for water and housing, that the squatters would be relocated to 23 acres of land on the southern side of the Roaring River.

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