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Visas- Big Money Business


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Visas- Big Money Business

Once upon a time the most difficult part of acquiring a visa to travel overseas would be getting to the embassy ‘before cock put on him draws’ to get in line for an interview. Armed with all your documents and ties you would complete a form, pay your processing fee and wait your turn.
Of course, whether you got the visa or not was fully dependent on which side of the bed the officer conducting the interview woke. That part of the proceedings has not changed. However, whether you’re applying for an American, British or Canadian visa these days, there are quite a few more steps and cost involved.
First of all, you need to get bank managers cheque to pay the non-refundable processing fees. All banks charge for managers cheques, so that’s your fist additional cost. By the way these non-refundable processing fees have increased significantly over the years. For a visitor’s visa, the British ingeniously charges according the number of years you wish to apply for although it’s the same amount of processing involved. I can understand the different types of visas having different cost but a visitor is a visitor whether you visit 1 or 10 times.
Next for the American visa you have to fill out your visa application form on line. The others still have an option, ‘so far’. Technology is great and all that but there should be options available for those who do not have or understand it. On Sunday there was an advertisement in the Gleaner offering ‘e-z file visa services’. I have not called but I’m sure there is a cost for the service. And why not, it’s called supply and demand.
Now this is the part that really, really ticks me off. Once you have your form completed and all your documentations ready, for the Americans and the British you cannot take in, or drop off your application yourself. You must once again pay out more money to a courier to simply deliver these to the embassies, ‘and it no cheap’. You must also pay to get it back unless you are summoned for an interview.
Remember after paying out all that money ‘yu no must get di visa’ and there is absolutely no recourse. One thing is sure the embassies are definitely making sure they cover all their expenses ‘and some’. Who is looking out for the Jamaican public? Everyone comes and takes advantage of us over and over again.
And don’t let me hear anyone saying ‘we no must travel’. Some of my greatest education growing up has been gained traveling and everyone deserves the opportunity if they so desire. Yes the bad has made it bad for the good but even if they don’t want to face us they could cut back on the expenses by allowing even a drop off box for applications.
It just doesn’t seem fair.
Nuff Love.

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